Venom: Scott Haze in Talks to Join Film in Mysterious Role

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Child of God actor Scott Haze is in talks to join the cast of Venom, the big screen adaptation of Marvel’s symbiotic sometimes-antihero, more-often-villain played by Tom Hardy. Haze is currently circling the role of… well, no one really has any idea.

The role Haze is up for is a complete mystery, though the Carnage rumor mill is evergreen. The news comes just days after it was announced Veep actor Reid Scott may join the project, as well as the confirmed addition of Parks and Recreation alum Jenny Slate.

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The Venom movie is a curious one, as it’s slated to be the first Marvel-inspired film Sony will put out since the company teamed with Marvel Studios to release the massively successful Spider-Man: Homecoming this year. Venom won’t exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will be thematically different from Sony and Marvel Studios’ prior films, as it’s rumored to be darker and horror-inspired.

It's worth noting the Carnage rumor might hold some weight. Haze made a name for himself in 2013 with the James Franco-directed Child of God, in which he played a psychopath named Lester Ballard. Throughout the film, Lester slowly descends to the extremes of human degradation as he sinks deeper and deeper into his own self-loathing and lunacy. Sound like anyone you know?

Written by Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg, Venom is expected to begin filming in late October before releasing in theaters on Oct. 5, 2018.

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