Scott Glenn to Return as Stick in "Daredevil" Season 2

"Bourne Ultimatum" star Scott Glenn will reprise his role as Stick for three episodes in "Daredevil's" second season.

In the first season of "Daredevil," Stick taught a young Matt Murdock how to use his new abilities. He returned when Murdock was an adult with a new mission, and Murdock begrudgingly joined him -- until he found out the end goal was to kill a child. Murdock and Stick turned on each other and the result was a bloody battle that left Matt badly wounded. Stick was also revealed to be working for a mysterious man whose face was kept in shadow.

The old man is back. Stick is returning to Hell's Kitchen for season 2. #Daredevil; pic.twitter.com/bnTPLBY1tF

- Daredevil (@Daredevil) September 16, 2015

Earlier this year, Glenn told CBR that Stick ranked on the top of his list as one of his favorite roles. "Just in terms of acting, it's such an interesting, complex, fun character to play," he shared. "And then to have the demands also of being blind and physical on top of that, that means both a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work. I was wiped out at the end of every day, which is a great way to be."

Glenn's past roles include "Silence of the Lambs" and "The Hunt for Red October."

Starring Charlie Cox, "Daredevil" Season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016.

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