Scott Eastwood's "Suicide Squad" Role (Probably) Isn't Who You Hope It Is

In the more than a year since he joined "Suicide Squad," Scott Eastwood has been rumored to play everyone from Steve Trevor to Deathstroke to Dick Grayson to, well, just some soldier. The first possibility was obviously eliminated with the casting of Chris Pine in "Wonder Woman" -- but what about the others?

Despite the hopes of many DC Comics fans, it looks as if Eastwood may simply be playing a soldier under the command of Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag.

A German film site lists the "Fury" actor as playing Lt. "GQ" Edwards, who doesn't appear to originate in comic books.

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OK, so what about "The Mindy Project" actor Ike Barinholtz, whose role has also been the subject of some speculation? Also not Deathstroke or Dick Grayson.

He's listed as Captain Griggs, which DCComicsMovie points out is similar to Major Keith Griggs, a supporting character in Wonder Woman comics of the early to mid-1980s. Perhaps he'll serve as a connection to director Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman," but it seems more likely the shared surname is a coincidence.

That said, Deathstroke devotees may not want to give up hope just yet: The German website could certainly be wrong. Or, if the plan is to introduce the fan-favorite mercenary in "Suicide Squad" -- the emphasis here is on if -- director David Ayer & Co. probably wouldn't telegraph that twist by naming the character Slade Wilson.

But, hey, we'll find out for sure in less than four weeks, as "Suicide Squad" arrives in theaters Aug. 5.

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