Scott Dunbier named Executive Editor - Wildstorm

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to announce that Scott Dunbier has been named Executive Editor - WildStorm.

"This is a tremendous honor. It's very gratifying to be offered this position," says Dunbier. "I'm excited about the future and all the wonderful, amazing projects that we have in the pipeline."

"I love Scott's passion and love for the medium, and the truly nonstop professionalism and dedication he brings to his job," says WildStorm Editorial Director Jim Lee. "I'm happy his inspirational efforts have been recognized."

Following several years as an original comics art dealer, Dunbier joined WildStorm in 1995 as Special Projects Editor. Two years later, he was named Editor-in-Chief, a title which was changed to Group Editor when WildStorm became a part of DC Comics.

Among the many projects he edits are Alan Moore's America's Best Comics line, including PROMETHEA, TOM STRONG and THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, as well as PLANETARY, ARROWSMITH, and the upcoming CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN.

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