Scott C's <i>Amazing Everything</i> debuts this weekend

Scott Campbell (who goes by Scott C, presumably to avoid confusion with J. Scott Campbell) has completed an art book (his first collection of watercolor paintings) called Amazing Everything. If you're familiar with Campbell's work, you understand how appropriate that title is.  It debuts this weekend at APE, but there's also a launch party Thursday at San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery from 7 - 10 p.m.

Among other things, Campbell promises:

  • King of Kong
  • Zombie Fair
  • Home Slices
  • Cute Hunter
  • Building with the Bowies
  • Ninjas All Over The Place
  • Some rainbows and clouds
  • Great Great Grandshow inventors
  • Cliff Ogres
  • The Cutest Thing Ever
  • Tanks
  • Some drawings
  • Selections from my elementary school career

And just so you know what we're talking about, by "Home Slices" he means that there are cutaways of houses shaped like giant crabs.

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