Scott Chantler shows off his primary sources

Scott Chantler's Two Generals tells the story of the invasion of Normandy, during World War II, through the eyes of Chantler's grandfather, who was an officer in the Canadian Highland Light Infantry. Chantler drew on a number of historical sources, including his grandfather's diary and photographs, to create the book, and in this video, he shows some of the materials he used to create the story.

Two Generals has also been included in the top 40 selections for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Canada Reads, sort of a battle of the books. This is the second year that a graphic novel has made it this far. Last year, Jeff Lemire's Essex County made it to the final round but was voted down because four of the five judges didn't like the fact that it was a graphic novel. Hopefully the panel will be more enlightened this year.

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