Scotland's Loki population exploded in 2015

Although Thor, with his flowing blond hair, fluttering cape and big hammer, may garner most of the screen time, it's the god of mischief who's getting the love.

Six boys born in Scotland last year were named Loki, according to the National Records of Scotland. That's compared to just one named Thor.

Whether that means a handful of parents are getting in touch with their Nordic roots or they're simply big fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't clear (Odin beat out both Thor and Loki, with seven).

Mashable also notes there apparently were a lot of Game of Thrones devotees having children last year, too, as there were a whopping 47 Aryas (one of them a boy), an Eddard, a Brienne, a Catelyn and two Theons. Also, seven Ramsays, which maybe we can chalk up to Gordon and not Bolton.

Jack remained the most popular boys' name in Scotland for the eighth year in a row, with 565, while Emily has been the top girls' name for two years straight, with 497.

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