Scorsese Teams With Von Trier For <i>Five More Obstructions</i>

What is it when a film about remakes in which a director remakes his earlier short film in five different ways is pegged for a remake with a new director doing a new set of remakes?

Confusingly meta. Or just straight confusing.

That's what happens when you're dealing with Lars Von Trier. The Antichrist filmmaker knows all about messing with film audiences, and for his next trick he'll be returning to the 2003 documentary The Five Obstructions, in which Danish director Jorgen Leth delivered a series of five remakes of his 1967 short film The Perfect Human. Each of the five versions is subject to a unique set of rules; the overall effect is a deconstruction of the filmmaking process through Leth's varying degrees of success and failure.

Von Trier is now taking that basic framework and applying it to a director who is quite a bit more familiar to U.S. audiences: Martin Scorsese. Which work the film will draw from remains a mystery for now, but The Hollywood Reporter speculates that it could be one of the filmmaker's early short pieces or, possibly, one of the more iconic scenes from his later features. Taxi Driver is named as a possibility, largely because Von Trier was said to be interested in remaking it earlier this year (a fact that Von Trier denied).

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