Scorpina: Why Did the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Villain Disappear?

Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has scores of memorable villains over the history of the franchise, but few, if any, of them are more mysterious than Scorpina. Originally appearing in the first season of the Super Sentai -inspired series, the character appeared in a handful of episodes before abruptly disappearing from the show's recurring cast.

Even though plenty of other Power Rangers storylines carried over through the decades, Scorpina seemed to be forgotten by the franchise for years. After a brief reappearance on the alternate universe Power Rangers web series, Power Rangers Hyper Force, the character has made her return in the Power Rangers comic book series by BOOM! Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Here's a quick primer on the villainous character including her origins on the original series, her powers and abilities and her current role in the franchise.

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Scorpina was introduced as an old friend of Rita Repulsa's who was relatively famous for undisclosed heinous acts in her past. She quickly becomes close to fellow minion Goldar, with the monster becoming especially protective of her. Easily dispatching the Rangers, Scorpina attempts to get close to them in their civilian identity under the guise of a young woman named Sabrina, referencing the name of her actress Sabrina Lu.

After disappearing abruptly during the second season, Scorpina resurfaced during the officially-sanctioned roleplaying web series Power Rangers Hyper Force. Explaining that she grew frustrated by following Rita and Lord Zedd's orders, she set out to destroy the Rangers on her own, sparing her from Zordon's purifying energy wave that obliterated many of her former associates.


Power Rangers Scorpina Monster

Formidable in her human form, Scorpina wields an intimidating crescent sword which she can also fling like a boomerang at her opponents. An accomplished martial artist, Scorpina easily outmatches the Power Rangers when they fight her, capable of engaging multiple Rangers at once, forcing them to better coordinate their efforts against her and take down the villain together as a team.

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Upon her kaiju-esque transformation, Scorpina no longer resembles a human woman as she grows into her monstrous giant form but rather an armored scorpion-like creature. In this form, Scorpina's usual ponytail becomes a stinger-like appendage, capable of choking and electrocuting the Megazord, proving that she's more than a match for the Rangers even when working together.


Scorpina Power Rangers Comic

Similarly, Scorpina has resurfaced to confront the Rangers once again in BOOM! Studios' Power Ranger universe. In 2016's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0, by Kyle Higgins and Daniel Bayliss, Scorpina was reintroduced as powerful lieutenant of Rita Repulsa who still maintained her hatred of the Rangers, and she went on to appear in several issues early in the series' run.

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Scorpina would play a more pivotal role in the 2018 original graphic novel Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, by Higgins and Giuseppe Cafaro. The alternate future would follow an older Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger, with Scorpina trapped in Lokar's Dimension after attempting to betray Rita some time in the past. Upon her release, Scorpina attempted to bring Tommy's son as a human sacrifice to Lokar only to be executed upon her failure.

Whether confronting the Power Rangers on television or comic books, Scorpina has been one of the most deadly recurring foes to ever face the team directly. Even though a normal scheduling issue took her out of the original series, there are still plenty of future stories to be told with the villain, as her relatively recent comic book appearances suggest.

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