SCI FI Channel and Free Comic Book Day Join Forces Again

Official Press Release

Cable network The SCI FI Channel has joined in the nationwide Free Comic Book Day event with a combination of on-air and online promotions, as well as by offering two very practical collectibles free of charge!

During the month of April, The SCI FI Channel is featuring "banner ads"during its top-rated show, Stargate SG-1, which airs Monday eveningsstarting at 7 PM EST. The ads direct viewers to "get a free comic book" bybrowsing to www.FreeComicBookDay.com,where the FCBD Store Locator will point new customers to local comic bookstores.

On Mondays, SCI FI runs a "stack" of Stargate SG-1 episodes, beginning at7:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm. The banner ads run during each episode. OnApril 14, SCI FI reports that the ads reached between 695,000 and onemillion viewers, depending on which episode was being watched.

SCI FI will also make available a custom-printed comic book bag andbacking board for participating stores to give out to customers. The bagwill be printed with the Free Comic Book Day and SCI FI Channel logosalong the bottom, while the double sided backing board will promote theSCI FI Channel Season 7 launch of Stargate SG-1 on June 6, 2003 on oneside and tease the SCI FI Channel mini-series event, Battlestar Galacticain December 2003. In the spirit of the day, both will be free of charge.

Furthermore, the network is also advertising the event on its website witha special page devoted to Free Comic Book Day, as well as through itsonline Events Calendar and in its e-newsletter.

"Last year, the SCI FI Channel's Super-hero Saturday reached millions ofviewers and drove people into comic book stores," said Free Comic Book DayCommittee spokesperson Barry Lyga. "This year, the Channel takes itssupport of Free Comic Book Day to a new level. The bags and boards aregreat, practical gifts that also happen to be collectible. And the bannerads will attract more attention than any single commercial possiblycould."

For more information about The SCI FI Channel, point your browser towww.SCIFI.com.

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