Schwarzenegger To Return In TV Series, 3D Film <i>The Governator</i>

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a train wreck looks like ...

So, uh ... former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of a job, as we all know. The '80s and '90s Hollywood action star is done with politics and he's game to return to showbiz. We all knew that as well. What we learn today is that the former Governator, as he was often jokingly called during his political tenure, is planning a multimedia return as ... The Governator, an effort which will include an animated TV series (teased in the trailer below), a comic book, "Internet programming" and a 3D feature film, Deadline reports.

The movie is coming in "early 2013" and the whole endeavor will kick off with the TV series, which is set to run for 52 episodes. Schwarzenegger will voice the character, an armored superhero with a get-up that doesn't look too far off from the actor's costume in Batman & Robin. Which of course went really well for everybody involved.

Sorry about the snark, but seriously ... is it just me, or does this feel like something pulled straight from the pages of MAD Magazine? We all knew that Ahnuld would be coming back, and many of us -- including myself -- were even looking forward to it. But this ... I don't know. My brain has clearly short-circuited.

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