Schwarzenegger Looking At Three Scripts For Acting Comeback

After learning that life in politics isn't really so different from life in Hollywood -- you speak in half-truths and your public adores you one moment, hates you the next -- exiting California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is plotting out his return to acting and the more comfortable lifestyle that comes with it. After all, politicians make a mistake and they're held accountable. Schwarzenegger craps out another Junior or The Sixth Day, and then counts his money in the quiet of his own mansion while a critical hellstorm rains down. Which would you choose?

Speaking to Austrian website Krone.at (via ComingSoon), the gubernator reveals that he's already entertaining a few possibilities. It's worth noting that the following text is translated.

"Currently I'm reading three scripts," he said. "One topic/script, which I considered a long time ago before governor, is delighting me particularly. In it I would play an older [German] soldier, who gets the order at the ending of the war to kill a bunch of kids. But he doesn't do it and get them to safety at the risk of his life and it has all kind of adventure. This script is based on a true story!"

Schwarzenegger fan site TheArnoldFans, who first reported on the interview, identifies the movie referred to in the interview as With Wings As Eagles, written by Braveheart scribe Randall Wallace. The soon-to-be-returning actor didn't identify either of the other two scripts, but here's hoping that one of them is a sequel to The Expendables. Arnold's scene with Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone was a clear highlight of that movie, and there's no doubt that fans would like to see the Terminator star make his return in a big action role such as that.

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