'Scenes From the Small Press: Mainstream Raw' to screen at the Pittsburgh Comicon!

Official Press Release

With the much talked about release of Rich Henn's comic book documentary "Scenes From the Small Press: Mainstream Raw" only 1 day away, the film itself will screen this weekend at the Pittsburgh Comicon.

"Some of the best stuff captured for the film was at the Pittsburgh Comicon 2 years ago…it seemed only fitting that the same show house the debut of the film as well," said Henn.

The screening will be at 11:00 AM Saturday April 26th, and will feature a brief Q&A afterwards.

While "Mainstream Raw" was not the film the TIMESPELL and ZOOMIE creator set out to make, with over 45 hours of footage it became readily clear that more than one movie could be culled from the footage.

"After screening the preview for 'Scenes From the Small Press: The Road to SPX' at several conventions this past year, many people asked about uncut footage and DVD extras," said Henn. "While I didn't really consider it at the time, it did seem a shame that people may not get to see what was obviously incredible footage."

After talking with a few other people involved in the project, it was Tim Stroup at Cold Cut distribution that suggested a DVD with the uncut footage from some of the best interviews to date. To help alleviate costs of the project itself (all stemming from Henn's own pocket and no studio backing), Henn agreed that it could also help generate some overall buzz for the main film itself.

"Scenes From the Small Press: Mainstream Raw" is the first of 3 films from to stem from the comic book documentary project. "Mainstream Raw" contains incredibly honest, uncut raw footage from Matt Wagner, Frank Miller, Colleen Doran, Dave Gibbons, Bob Schreck and more. Plus, in a grand finale, the now infamous Frank Miller Wizard ripping speech at the 2001 Harvey Awards.

In early reviews, the following has been said about the film:

"Henn is well on his way to providing an essential and eye-opening chronicle of the living history of comics through the minds and mouths of the people who have shaped the medium."

- Arnold T. Blumberg, Senior Editor, CINESCAPE

"... With such intimate discussions with comics' most recognized creators, this is one comic book documentary that should come with a VIP pass!"


"Comic book fans/creators rejoice, we now have our own documentary."


Henn has made the film available throught the official TIMESPELL website at http://www.timespell.com and will be offering it for sale at the Pittsburgh Comicon this weekend.

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