'Scenes from the Small Press: Mainstream Raw' DVD announced

Official Press Release

In March 2001, TIMESPELL creator Rich Henn began a journey through filmto document some of the best creative forces in independent andself-publishing, and their works from cradle to grave. The thesis of theproject was small press creators and self-publishing. The focus of thefilm became Carla Speed McNeil & FINDER; as well as a group animatorswho contribute to the MONKEYSUIT anthology.

However, Henn wanted to capture the overall theme of what goes on behindthe scenes of the comic book industry. In over 45 hours of footage,some of the finest interviews and one-of-a-kind moments have beencaptured on film.

In lieu of letting a good chunk of some great material end up on the cutting room floor, it became apparent that perhaps not just one film could be culled from the footage, but several. In the first of a series of films, CLUB 408 GRAPHICS presents the best of what some of the mainstream creators had to offer. "SCENES FROM THE SMALL PRESS: MAINSTREAM RAW" is 2 hours of uncut, uncensored material from the likes of Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, Joe Quesada, Matt Wagner, Evan Dorkin, Dave Sim, Colleen Doran and many more .

SEE- Joe Quesada tell about the origins of Marvel Knights from the roofof Marvel Comics!

HEAR- Dave Gibbons discuss the art of comics!

WATCH- Frank Miller tear into the industry in what is now his infamousKeynote Address at the 2001 Harvey Awards!

THRILL to Matt Wagner talk about the horrors of having a personalstalker!

ENDURE what is quite possibly the most powerful and emotional interviewgiven by DISTANT SOIL creator Colleen Doran!

LISTEN to Dave Sim discuss pros & cons of self-publishing!

All this plus the original 15 min. edited preview of the film "SCENESFROM THE SMALL PRESS: THE ROAD TO SPX" that was shown at severalconventions this past year.

AS A BONUS...for those of you with high speed connections...if you click on the URL below, you will get to see the 15-min. preview shown at the cons. This will give you a wonderful insight as to what you can expect on this DVD. It's a big file...but well worth the wait.

Advance orders are available for retailers via COLD CUT by clicking onto the following URL http://www.coldcut.com/channelx/catalog.html#scef. This URL provided with take you to the solicitation within the pages of their new CHANNEL X catalog. Individuals who wish to advance order the DVD direct in advance, e-mails may be sent to Rich Henn at rasmus@timespell.com.

If response is good, there will be another solicitation at a later date through Diamond Comics Distributor's PREVIEWS catalog, with a joint venture for the CBLDF to retain a portion of the proceeds.

Cover art by Carla Speed McNeil

Logo design by Vince Sneed

Directed & Produced by Rich Henn

MSRP: $29.95

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