<i>Scary Go Round</i>'s John Allison on digital vs. paper

John Allison, creator of Bad Machinery and Scary Go Round, hates e-books:

[A book is] a tactile object relatively unchanged since the Gutenberg press. You've got to hold that thing in front of your face. It's your buddy until you're done with it. A well-thumbed, much read book is like a vile, beloved, drooled on childhood bunny, but you wouldn't buy one of those second-hand unless you had a lot of problems in your life.


I've seen examples of the beautiful work being done in interactive ebooks for children. They depress me. Kids are in a world of their own and we seek ever more to make concrete things that would have lived in their imagination. Any graphic work is dead on screen compared to how it looks on paper.

While Allison is not the only one to express these sentiments, it's interesting to hear them from someone who is best known for his webcomics, although that may be in part because, as he told Newsarama a few years ago, "I find reading on the screen painful, because I spend most of the day staring at my Cintiq and one of those nuclear new iMacs that work so hard to burn your eyes clean out."

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