A Witch Called Wanda: The 15 Most Reckless Things Scarlet Witch Has Ever Done

The Scarlet Witch is easily one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. While she can't compare to the physical strength of someone like the Hulk, she more than makes up for it with her powers. In the comics, she was the mutant daughter of Magneto and blessed with the most powerful set of abilities in Marvel history. In the movies, her powers manifested with the help of the Mind Stone. Many are solely familiar with the MCU version of the character, which doesn't even hold a candle to the Scarlet Witch we know from the comics.

Her powers go beyond just being able to manipulate matter and fly. She can warp reality itself, and get rid of anyone she doesn't like with a mere thought. She is so dangerous that she is listed as one of the strongest omega-level mutant in the world (and that's saying a lot). Due to her incredible powers, there's a lot to look at when it comes to her reckless use of them. On paper, she is the strongest mutant, but it doesn't mean much until you see it in practice. That's why we'll be exploring the 15 most dangerously powerful things done by Scarlet Witch (both in comics and the MCU).


Giving birth is an amazing achievement, but it's something that most every female can do. Why put Scarlet Witch on the list for that? The reason is because the conception of her children wasn't what you'd expect. Vision and Scarlet Witch are teased as a couple in the MCU, but they were much more involved in the comics. They were even married.

Due to Vision's biological make-up, the two weren't physically able to have children.

Because of this, Scarlet Witch used the magic powers that lived inside of her to create not one but two lives. While the existence of her sons has been a very interesting topic as far as the Marvel Universe is concerned, they would eventually become impressive superheroes on their own.


While Scarlet Witch is often associated with the Vision in terms of a romantic relationship, their marriage wouldn't last forever. Certain events would cause Vision to be reset and forget any feelings he may have had in the past for Wanda. Because of this, Scarlet Witch left the main Avengers team to work with the West Coast Avengers (and eventually Force Works).

When she joined the West Coast Avengers, she met the superhero known as Wonder Man and fell in love with him (after all, his brain was the one used to develop Vision's consciousness). During one of their missions, Wonder Man would meet his untimely demise, causing Scarlet Witch immense grief. However, she would eventually use her powers to bring back Wonder Man from the dead.


Scarlet Witch is a competent character, and seems to have it all together in the MCU. That is not the case in Marvel Comics. Due to the nature of her powers as well as her traumatic upbringing, Scarlet Witch was very unstable. Because of this, when things started to go bad, Scarlet Witch could easily break down and cause a lot of damage.

While on the Avengers team, she had a break down that resulted in her not being able to control her powers.

This ended up in serious power spikes that would kill the Avengers without warning. It was moments like these that prompted Earth's Mightiest Heroes to think about a way to contain Scarlet Witch without treating her like a villain. Any death in her family could send her down a path of destruction.


It's impossible to talk about dangerously powerful things Scarlet Witch has done without discussing her most massive breakdown. After she had started to lose her mind and her powers resulted in the deaths of a few Avengers, some of the superheroes thought about ways of killing her. Quicksilver, her brother, informed her and she decided to take action to prevent it and took her away from her teammates in order to save her.

While away, Scarlet Witch rewrote reality itself to a new world where Magneto was the king. The famous "House of M" storyline was Scarlet Witch at her most powerful. She changed Marvel continuity and the world never fully recovered from this event. She did reset the timeline, but not without some collateral damage along the way.


The Sorcerer Supreme is the mystical being tasked with protecting the Earth from all sorts of magical threats. That title is often associated to Doctor Stephen Strange, otherwise known as Doctor Strange. However, there were times when the being known as Agamotto (the same one who created the Eye of Agamotto) looked for another Sorcerer Supreme in the stead of Stephen Strange.

Due to her power level alone, Agamotto considered Scarlet Witch for the part of Sorcerer Supreme.

She was a magical being (unlike her matter-distorting powers in the MCU) and had the raw strength to protect the world from any mystical threats. What disqualified her in Agamotto's opinion, was that she lacked control and could be even deadlier was she given the boost of being the Sorcerer Supreme.


One of the most serious events in Marvel Comics was "Avengers Vs. X-Men." In it, Scarlet Witch was sided with the Avengers, who were dealing a threat known as the Phoenix Five. This group was tasked with hunting down Scarlet Witch and killing her. After all, Wanda Maximoff was the mutant that struck fear into the hearts of the X-Men.

One of the Phoenix Five was Namor the Submariner. After fighting Scarlet Witch and losing, he decided to wage war with Wakanda. He likely would've won that fight had Scarlet Witch not shown up. Not only she did beat Namor once again, but she also subdued the rest of the Atlanteans. That'll teach Atlantis to go up against a powerful magic user. It definitely bruised Namor's ego.


The climax of the "Avengers Vs. X-Men" storyline dealt with the Phoenix Force itself and the five mutants that split the incredible power of the Phoenix Force between them. However, the battle didn't take place between the Avengers and the Phoenix Five, but Scarlet Witch and the Phoenix Force.

Inhabiting the X-Man, Cyclops, he took the role of the Dark Phoenix and immediately began burning down the world.

With the help of another mutant named Hope, Scarlet Witch managed to remove the Phoenix Force from Cyclops. This caused the Force to enter Hope, who had more control over it. After restoring the damage done by the Dark Phoenix, both Scarlet Witch and Hope uttered three words: no more Phoenix. After that, the Phoenix Force was gone from the world as easily as Scarlet Witch rewrote reality.


Scarlet Witch has had a rocky relationship with Doctor Doom. There was one time where she lost memory of who she was and was living in Latveria as Doom's bride. It wasn't long before she figured out that the ruler of Latveria was just trying to manipulate her into getting what he wanted. He did some fairly dastardly deeds along the way.

Because of this, Scarlet Witch was determined to get revenge on Doom. She was making her way to Latveria, but stopped by Quicksilver and Magneto. They didn't want to see her go off the deep end. Not wanting to be stopped, she cast a spell that was intended to take down those related to her. Quicksilver was killed on the spot, but it didn't affect Magneto at all. Yeah, her parentage hasn't always been clear.


Charles Xavier is one of the most mentally powerful mutants. Having the telepathic ability to communicate and control the minds of others, there are a lot of ethical questions raised with the leader of the X-Men. However, the one thing he hasn't been able to do is restore the movement of his own legs. Being paralyzed from the waist down, Xavier is always bound to a wheelchair.

To make matters worse, some of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe have already stated that there wasn't anything they could do to restore his leg movement.

Beast, Mr. Fantastic, and Hank Pym weren't going to be able to help him. Then came Scarlet Witch and "House of M". Her mystical powers were so great that she was able to do what the rest of the Marvel heroes could not and restore Xavier's legs.


Scarlet Witch is primarily a good character, but her values were much more gray in the Ultimate Universe. It was there that she and her brother were members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under the leadership of their father (just like in Earth 616). However, Magneto died and Scarlet Witch decided to take up the leadership of the group and rebirth it.

She wanted to believe in the peaceful ideals set forth by Charles Xavier, but she still felt that mutants were the superior species. Her powers and leadership skills were both very effective, but they ultimately led to her downfall. That version of Ultron fell in love with her but knew they'd never have a relationship. Because of this, it decided to kill her with a special bullet.


Scarlet Witch is not a stable individual. In a combination of her crazy powers as well as her less-than-kind upbringing, she has the tendency to lose control when provoked. Sometimes, she is able to get a hold of herself and keep pressing on like nothing happened.

Then, there are other times where she can't maintain control -- this is where things start to get catastrophic.

Several times throughout Marvel Comics, Scarlet Witch has killed heroes, most of them by accident. What makes this even scarier is that many of the heroes weren't even sure how to get rid of her. With a single thought, she's removed hundreds of mutants. Furthermore, heroes who get in her way have also met their end by her powers.


Scarlet Witch wasn't naturally born with all her powers. While she had some magic at her disposal, it wasn't organically at the level that most people are familiar with. Her powers to bend reality were granted to her in part by experimentation and in part by the demon Chthon making her an "avatar" of his own abilities.

This led Scarlet Witch to unlock the ability to manipulate a powerful force called Chaos Magic. It was this type of sorcery that allowed her to bend reality to her will, easily making her one of the strongest mutants to ever live. Chthon gave her these powers in the first place so that, one day, he would be able to possess her as a physical vessel and reign down terror on the world. That didn't go too well for him.


Due to her insane powers and tendency to lose control, Scarlet Witch has had to be stopped by the Avengers before. The Marvel heroes have to work together in order to stand a chance at bringing her down. Even then, she puts up a fight unlike anything they've seen in their careers. It's a tough predicament for them to be in.

One particular incident had her create her own version of the Avengers to protect her.

And like most throwdowns that the Avengers have with any foes that they're faced with, Earth's Mightiest Heroes were eventually able to come out on top. The fact that Scarlet Witch was able to create her own army in seconds was an impressive and scary feat --  one that very few mutants can do.


The MCU version of Scarlet Witch was created through HYDRA experiments and the use of the Mind Stone. Because of this, she isn't nearly as strong as her comic counterpart. That being said, Scarlet Witch is still an incredibly powerful superhero who quickly learns how to control and enhance her abilities.

By the time Captain America: Civil War rolls around one year after her induction in the Avengers, she's become much more powerful. She's under house arrest with the Vision and Hawkeye comes to save her. While Hawkeye doesn't stand a chance against the synthetic robot, Scarlet Witch is more than capable. She shifts Vision's density so he lets go of Hawkeye, then she increases his mass to send him through the floors of the Avengers facility in a matter of seconds.


During "House of M", it was the responsibility of the remaining Marvel heroes to find Scarlet Witch and have her restore reality. As it turns out, there was a bit of family trouble between Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch in this new world. Magneto killed Quicksilver for "using" Scarlet Witch. However, she resurrected her brother and tried to make sense of it all and decided that she had enough.

Scarlet Witch decided to end the House of M with three words: no more mutants.

Immediately, everything went back to normal, but there was one major difference: 90% of the mutants of the world no longer had their powers, which resulted in numerous deaths across the globe. This event came to be known as M-Day and was one of the most catastrophic days in Marvel history.

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