"Scarlet Spider" Ends in December, Ales Kot Joins "Secret Avengers"

Marvel Comics' December 2013 solicitations brought news that "Scarlet Spider" will end with issue #25, from writer Chris Yost and artist David Baldeón.

The solicitation states that lead character Kaine has "failed" in his attempt at being a hero, asking, "What about Houston?! Who lives? Who dies? Is there a place for the Scarlet Spider in this world? The answers will surprise you." "Venom," another Spider-Man spinoff series, ends in October.

Late last month, Yost spoke with CBR News about the series, saying, "To think that a book about a clone of Spider-Man could go two years, even we wouldn't have believed it. He thought a year, I thought less. We've been so grateful to everyone who's embraced Kaine and Houston and the characters -- it's been amazing."

Also revealed in Marvel's latest solicitations: Ales Kot joins Nick Spencer as co-writer of "Secret Avengers" in December, with two issues of the series, #12 and #13, solicited for that month. CBR News has contacted Marvel for clarification if it's a permanent assignment or just for the "How to Maim a Mockingbird Arc," but there is something of a precedent at Marvel in recent years for a co-writer to join a book before often later taking over solely, as seen in past instances like Kieron Gillen on "Uncanny X-Men" and Cullen Bunn on "Venom."

Kot, whose "Zero" launches September 18 at Image Comics, wrote four issues of "Suicide Squad" earlier this year at DC Comics, before departing the series under unspecified circumstances.

Another recent DC creator joining Marvel in December is Kevin Maguire, who in his own words was fired from the upcoming "Justice League 3000" in early August. Maguire is illustrating "Guardians of the Galaxy" #10, a gig that came together just days after the news he was off "Justice League 3000."

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