15 Scandalous Nickelodeon Cosplays By Saucy Fans

What kid growing up in the '90s and '00s doesn't have his or her own favorite Nicktoon? From Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life to Hey Arnold and Spongebob Squarepants, Nickelodeon has produced tons of classic cartoons over the years and we remember them fondly. There are just so many to love. Remember when a baby had to do what a baby had to do? How about when Stoop Kid was afraid to leave his stoop? Who can ever forget the life and times of Quailman? And if you've ever tried to blow bubbles, you probably thought about Spongebob's pointers for blowing the perfect bubble. (Results may vary, of course.)

Cosplayers were once kids too, which means that you can probably find all of your favorite Nicktoons at conventions around the country. Talented artists have done it all, including versions of the characters that might seem a bit scandalous to other fans. There are quite a few cosplays that take their liberties with characters from TMNT, Spongebob Squarepants, The Wild Thornberrys and even Blue's Clues... Some people have even braved saucy interpretations of grown up Rugrats and Dora the Explorer! Yup, it's that kind of list...


You might know Patrick Star as Spongebob's dim-witted best friend from bikini bottom, but that's not stopped cosplayers from creating a scandalous version of the character that's way more for the adults who grew up watching the cartoon than the kids still tuning in today. Mikomi Chan definitely takes things in a different direction than expected with her simple but twisted take on Patrick Star.

She wore this cosplay at MAGFest a few years back and was accompanied by a few other members of Bikini Bottom. The costume is made up of a pink top, embroidered shorts with the same pattern as Patrick's shorts on the show and a very pink wig. It's not too complicated to put together, but it definitely gets the point across.


Danny Phantom is one of Nickelodeon's most heroic characters, which is why countless cosplayers have paid tribute to him through a plethora of creative costumes. Then there's Tayla Barter's cosplay, which goes above and beyond anything anyone could have expected. This gender-bending marvel shows off the character in a new light. It's like Danny has come out of the Phantom Zone in a new and improved form.

Most remarkable of all is the fact that Tayla is able to be pretty faithful to the character's original look while also adding her own touch. Tayla's version of Danny shows a bit more skin, sure, but it also captures what's made the character so cool to look at over the years. We'd love to see her tackle a few other Nicktoons.


Casey Jones is the tough-as-nails vigilante friend of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With a love for using sports equipment as melee weapons, Casey keeps the crime-ridden streets of New York City safe. He was created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird as a sort of parody for other comic book characters like Batman or Spider-Man. Casey's been featured in plenty of TMNT stories, including the movies and TV series.

Cosplayer Vera Baby brings Casey to life with a gender-bending twist that looks absolutely incredible. Vera's armed with a hockey stick and an intimidating glare. And then there's the hockey mask, which looks more terrifying than anything we've ever seen on the show or in the comics. Oh, and the blood splattered all over this cosplay means that Casey means business.


Asami Sato is one of the members of Team Avatar on The Legend of Korra. Although not a bender, she is a valuable part of the team and a fan-favorite, not only because of her heroism but for what she represents. Asami is one of the first openly gay characters in an animated series in the West. In the series finale of the show, it is teased that Asami and Korra are about to begin a relationship. This was a huge moment for Nick, which showed that it was willing to be more progressive with the relationships and gender dynamics on its shows.

Kitsune Kid created this cosplay to pay homage to Asami. As you can see, it's a slightly more stripped down version of the character that shows a bit more skin than her animated counterpart. We're looking forward to seeing more Avatar/Korra cosplay from Kitsune Kid!


This is definitely not the same Spongebob who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Cosplayer Aco-Rea has taken the children's character to a whole other level with her take on the wacky fry cook who loves blowing bubbles and pet snails. Aco-Rea was actually challenged to dress up as Spongebob after she participated in a cosplay lottery and ended up with what seemed like a tough costume to pull off.

But Aco-Rea had no problem turning this cosplay on its head and creating a version of Spongebob Squarepants that some might even consider scandalous, with a revealing outfit that shows quite a bit of skin. She used yellow body paint to top the look off. Aco-Rea even had a Patrick Star to join her in some pictures. They're quite the duo.


It doesn't get much more scandalous than this. Surprisingly, there are quite a few "sexy" takes on the characters from Rugrats. It's a more popular cosplay trend than you'd think. Dolly takes on Chuckie Finster, the scaredy cat we all learned to love during the Rugrats' many adventures. Her gender-bending twist on an older Chuckie doesn't leave much to the imagination either.

Dolly stays faithful to the character in terms of the patterns and color combinations used in her cosplay, including the iconic blue shirt and green shorts. There's an admirable attention to detail in this cosplay that's commendable. She even donned the wild red hair that is a staple of the character, only this time it's long and curly. Dolly also donned the purple glasses as the cherry on top.


Irken invader Zim is on a mission to take over Earth in the name of his vast alien empire, but his robotic assistant isn't making it too easy. GIR was supposed to be a Standard-issue Information Retrieval Unit just like any other but instead turned out to be a walking, hyperactive nightmare for Zim, who could barely count on the crazed GIR to complete a single task. It's not the little robot's fault, though. He was basically created from scrap metal.

Knorke-chan pays tribute to the troublesome little character with this cosplay that presents a much more humanoid GIR. She's actually recreated GIR's "mongoose-dog" disguise. GIR would wear a dog costume whenever he was among other humans in order to fool them. Of course, it was clear it was a costume from the zipper on the back!


Quailman is one of our favorite superheroes of all time. No, he's not in any comic books and you won't see him in any big summer blockbusters any time soon, but he still brings smiles to our faces. He is, after all, the superhero alter-ego (at least in his fantasies) of Doug Funnie, star of the eponymous TV show that ran first on Nickelodeon and then ABC (why Disney gave Doug those weird, kinda-long sleeves we'll never know).

Cosplayer Ani-Mia gives us the female version of Quailman. The costume is pretty faithful to the cartoon, too. She's even wearing the belt around her head just like Doug did. That's about the only part of the costume that would make you think of a Quail... Come to think of it, Doug's alter-ego is pretty silly.


Here's another Nickelodeon cosplay that just screams scandalous. It's a costume that might make you look back at your younger years in a different way. An unnamed cosplayer, as photographed by David Ngo, wore her take on a "stripped down" Blue from Blue's Clues to a convention. For better or worse, Ngo captured the look in this unique costume, which gives us a lot of Blue on top and not a lot down below. Some people might even say this cosplay is just plain sultry, and thus kinda wrong since we're talking about a cartoon dog who helps kids find things.

This version of Blue was also accompanied by a Steve who was way more tame. They made quite the pair at the convention. Speaking of which, how much did we miss Steve after he left the show and was replaced by Joe? Steve will always be first in our hearts. Sorry, Joe.


Has there ever been a creature more frightening than Ice Cream Kitty? Seriously, you have to be really disturbed to take something as wonderful as ice cream and turn it into a terrifying monster. Ice Cream Kitty was created when April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles found a stray cat and took it back to the Turtle's Sewer Lair. While there, the cat accidentally ate ice cream that was mixed with a strange mutagen, which transformed it into an ice cream abomination.

Heather After has recreated this look and taken out pretty much everything that was ever terrifying about it. Here we get an Ice Cream Kitty that's much more friendly on the eyes. She even uses the same Neopolitan ice cream pattern -- strawberry on top, vanilla in the middle and chocolate on the bottom.


As the oldest of the bunch, Leonardo is the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's a no-brainer since his main focus is mastering the fine art of ninjutsu in order to stop Shredder and his Foot Clan once and for all. Not that it's an easy task, but with Leonardo leading the Turtles, things are definitely looking up. When it comes to combat, Leonardo is a true artist. It's no wonder he's named after Leonardo da Vinci.

Toni Darling brings a female version of Leonardo to life and sticks to the general look of the character. This cosplay just screams, "Turtle power!" You have to applaud the great effort Toni took in covering herself in green body paint for this costume, and we really like the blue wig that lends the cosplay its own identity. Well done!


CatDog still stands as one of the most bizarre cartoons of the late '90s and early '00s. Sure, a cartoon about the misadventures of a cranky cat and a hyper dog seems like a no-brainer, but when you combine the two biologically... well, the result is more than a little weird. Still, for many people who remember this show's heyday, CatDog is a cartoon to look back on fondly. At the very least, it shows how weird Nick was willing to get with things back in the day.

These unnamed cosplayers tackle a more adorable version of CatDog. The characters aren't attached in this case and clearly enjoy wearing heels. These two ladies get the pattern of the characters right and even have the right makeup.


This is not the cute, adventurous Dora the Explorer you were probably expecting. Instead, Rosanna Rocha has given us a more grown up version of the character that will either make you gasp or break into a sweat. This one will certainly make you question your childhood. After all, this might very well be what adorable little Dora grows up to look like. Rosanna certainly revels in the idea that Dora has become an attractive young woman after all these years.

This cosplayer uses the same color scheme to recreate the look of the beloved Nick Jr. character. That said, the top and the shirts are much tinier than we all remember. And when did Dora get all those piercings and tats? It looks like Dora turned into a rebel once she hit adulthood, which honestly kinda tracks.


You might remember Oblina as the terrifying monster who loved to pull her internal organs out of her mouth to scare her victims on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, but this cosplay gives us a different perspective on the candy cane-shaped creature of the night. In fact, Chrisscreama reimagines the character as a monster who loves to pose for pictures in the bathroom. This cosplayer did remarkable work with the body paint, a mix of black and white stripes that faithfully recreates the cartoon character.

It takes a lot of work to turn a thing of horror into a thing of beauty, but Chrisscreama succeeds. Her cosplay could almost be an art piece at a museum. The way the picture is staged and the colors play off of each other are evidence of how much thought was put into this recreation.


Debbie Thornberry is the most cynical member of the Wild Thornberrys. This may very well be because she's a teenager who can't live a normal life because she's forced to travel around with her documentarian parents while they explore the planet's strange wildlife. She always has an attitude and is quick to sass her sister Eliza about one thing or another, but ultimately she has a good heart as we've seen several times on the show. She even keeps her sister's big secret (Eliza can talk to animals) once she discovers it.

Cosplayer Meiko Inoe pays tribute to Debbie with a very faithful recreation of the character. It's all there -- the plain shirt, the camisole, the jeans and the lush blonde hair. A slight difference in this cosplay is that the camisole is red. It was in fact orange in the cartoon, not that we're really splitting hairs here!

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