Say Anything's Max Bemis Set for Marvel Debut in "A+X"

After making his first foray into comic book writing earlier this year, Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis is taking on a pair of Marvel's biggest characters in November's "A+X" #14.

Announced Thursday on Marvel.com, Bemis is making his Marvel debut with a Superior Spider-Man/Magneto western-tinged team-up story, titled "Baddies" and illustrated by "Ultimate Spider-Man" alum (and this week's "All-New X-Men" artist) David Lafuente.

"It's about the Superior Spider-Man who is essentially a super villain trapped in a hero's body, and Magneto who is a reformed super villain who doesn't view himself as ever having been one," Bemis told Marvel.com, saying the story is "almost like a buddy comedy."

"It's all about the nature of super villainy as much as it's the action of Spider-Man and Magneto teaming up to fight the bad guy, who I won't get too into or what their mission is; that's basically the plot."

Bemis has been the lead vocalist, composer and lyricist of rock band Say Anything (likely best known for their hit "Alive with the Glory of Love") since their formation in 2000, and made his comic book debut this past April with the semi-autobiographical miniseries "Polarity" at BOOM! Studios.

The writer/singer said to Marvel.com that working for Marvel was "always" a goal for him, as a long-time fan of the company.

"My main squeeze when it comes to mainstream comics is definitely Marvel. I have everything. I hunt down copies of stuff that's hard to find, and I just consider myself a devotee of the company."

Beyond the short "A+X" story, Bemis expressed to Marvel.com a desire to work more with the publisher in the future.

"I'm hoping that it's the first of many books that I write for Marvel," Bemis said. "We'll see. Either way, I'm honored to have just worked on this project and that I got to play with two of the most iconic characters around."

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