'Say Anything' TV Series Scrapped After Cameron Crowe's Objections

Following director Cameron Crowe's very vocal disapproval of NBC's proposed Say Anything sequel, Deadline reports 20th Century Fox TV has canceled the project completely.

The brouhaha began Monday when Deadline reported NBC and 2oth TV had finalized a script commitment deal for a Say Anything sequel series set in present day, 25 years after the film's release. Crowe, director of the 1989 movie, expressed his anger about the project on Twitter, stating he had no involvement in the series "except in trying to stop it." Mission: Accomplished.

Writer Justin Adler and producer Aaron Kaplan joined the proposed project earlier this season under the assumption that 20th TV had given Crowe a heads up. Sources tell Deadline that Crowe called Kaplan after the news broke, and when Kaplan and Adler learned the director hadn't given the go-ahead, they pulled out of the show. 20th Century Fox TV nixed the project soon after.

Deadline theorizes that Crowe might have been open to the idea had he been involved from the beginning, and there's a discrepancy as to whether the studio contacted Crowe. Sources close to Fox said efforts were made, but sources who know Crowe say that never happened.

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