'Saw' Writers Tapped For 'Halloween' 'Recalibration'

Halloween 3 finally has some new blood, and it's not dripping out of Michael Myers' most recent victim.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been hired by Dimension to write the third film in the current franchise. The writers are reportedly working on a "recalibration" instead of a reboot or remake.

They've collaborated on four Saw films, and a pair of films in both the Feast and Collector series, so they're certainly no strangers to horror.

Rob Zombie remade John Carpenter's classic horror film in 2007 and also directed the 2009 sequel. Since then, reports have circulated about a third, possibly 3D, film. At one point the My Bloody Valentine team of director Patrick Lussier and writer Mark Farmer were attached, but they bailed. The hiring of Melton and Dunstan marks the first real movement on the project in years.

When the original Halloween franchise hit its third film, those involved decided to turn the title into more of an anthology focusing on different horrific events taking place on Oct. 31. Thus the wildly weird, mostly Michael Myers-less Halloween III: Season of the Witch was born. It seems unlikely this new duo will take a similar route.

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