Saw Writers Rebooting the Final Destination Franchise


Another horror reboot is in the works, and this time it's New Line's Final Destination series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line is hiring Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to write the script for a new Final Destination film, which will serve as a reboot of the franchise.

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The first Final Destination released in 2000 and spawned four sequels, the last of which, Final Destination 5, was released in 2011. After lying dormant for past eight years, New Line thinks the series, which has grossed nearly $700 million for the studio, is ready for a comeback.

Each film follows the premise of an individual having a premonition of a grisly mass tragedy -- be it on a flight, a highway, or a runaway roller coaster. This allows a number of people to cheat death, only to be bumped off one by one in elaborate and brutal scenarios.

Melton and Dunstan have written four Saw movies (IV, V, VI, and 3D), and the team won the third season of Project Greenlight, resulting in the production of creature feature Feast. After Feast, Melton and Dunstan teamed up again for Piranha 3DD. In the spirit of Saw, the team wrote and directed the gruesome thriller The Collector and its sequel The Collection.

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New Line has been a stalwart in horror cinema since 1984 and the release of the first Nightmare on Elm Street, starring Robert Englund and directed by Wes Craven. Being host to Nightmare and its sundry sequels, including Freddy Vs. Jason, earned the stuiod the moniker "The House That Freddy Built." Currently, New Line's slate of films includes The Conjuring Universe and Andy Muschietti's incarnation of Stephen King's IT, among others.

More specific details about the next installment in the Final Destination franchise have not been revealed, except that the movie will be a re-imagining. There is currently no release date for the film.

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