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Welcome to the greatest sports-entertainment laugh of all time. Welcome to Wrestle-meme-ia! This is the granddaddy of meme lists where the finest of the finest go toe to toe in the showcase of the meme-mortals. No punches will be pulled, no submission is barred, and no superstar is safe from our total dankness. Heck, we like to look at this as our own version of Bret "The Hitman" Hart and "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels' epic 60-minute Iron Man match from Wrestlemania XII.

Every year WWE superstars look forward to their big Wrestlemania payday, and with this year's edition taking place on April 8 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, we decided to explore some of the best WWE memes around. Naturally, everyone who has been or is currently on the roster is fair game for us, so prepare to hit right-click and save more than a few times below. While it was tempting to make an entire list of Roman Reigns memes (for obvious reasons), we minimized the heat for the poor man's Jason Momoa. So, with that said, let's grab the popcorn, smell what The Rock is cooking, and laugh until our abs look like Batista's.

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Diamond Dallas Paige
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Diamond Dallas Paige

Diamond Dallas Page achieved much more success in WCW than he did in WWE. Mind you, not many former WCW superstars were ever elevated after the infamous takeover, so this should come as no surprise to any fan. If we've learned anything from the wrestling business, it's that Vince McMahon can be spiteful just for the sake of it and he will bury you.

Naturally, this meme is a play on words, combining female superstar Paige with DDP into a horrifying, new mash-up. The Photoshop skills here are decent and this hideous DDP would scare the bejesus out of the Women's division. Jokes aside, it appears as if Paige's in-ring career is now officially over after her latest injury. She has had some rotten luck as of late, so let's hope that she manages to bounce back in some capacity after this setback.


AJ Styles Meme

Remember the Thoréal meme? Well, this one is just as good. Since his debut in the WWE, AJ Styles has made quite the impression with his strange entrance music and flowing locks of hair. In fact, we're sure the only reason he's booked to lose matches is because Triple H is jealous that he can't grow out such luscious locks still.

Fortunately, Styles hasn't only been known for his gorgeous, lush hair in the WWE. He's also won the big titles, had regular five-star matches, and headlined several pay-per-views – yet, he still hasn't had his big Wrestlemania moment yet. At 40 years old, though, he's still got a few years in him, so we can only hope that the WWE do right by him and give him the moment he deserves. Because he's worth it...


Finn Balor Meme

When Finn Bálor moved up to the main roster from NXT, big things were expected of him. However, no one expected him to win the inaugural WWE Universal Championship on his first attempt. Unfortunately, during the match with Seth Rollins at Summerslam, Bálor suffered a shoulder injury. He managed to complete and win the match, but it was determined that he would require surgery and was forced to relinquish the belt.

After he returned from injury, many expected him to receive his rematch – but it never came. Instead, the WWE showed its booking genius by having him defeat AJ Styles in a tantalizing match only to be defeated by Kane in the following match. Hopefully, with the Bálor Club now intact, the Demon King will get a legitimate shot at reclaiming his title once again.


Spanish Announce Table Meme

Forget about the jobbers receiving the squash treatment every week, because the Spanish announce table is the real victim here. How often have we seen that poor table get smashed up at the beginning of a show and the announcers with nowhere to rest their hands or bottles of water? It's a travesty that no one has recognized what this table has gone through week after week and all the psychological and physical damage. In fact, it's high time the powers that be induct the Spanish announce table in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Hey, we've seen Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump inducted before, and they've had less TV time and influence than this table has had over the years, so why not? If the Spanish announce table doesn't get the nod this year, we riot!


Seth Rollins Meme

Every time there's a generational shift in the wrestling biz, fans wonder who could possibly replace the stars before. It's a legitimate concern considering that the Undertaker can hardly walk but the WWE is adamant in sticking him in Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania. Sometimes, no matter how much the fans root for a particular wrestler, the WWE has its favorites in mind (cough, Roman Reigns, cough) and will push them to the moon.

In the case of Seth Rollins, it's proof that there's still a place for dynamic and interesting personalities, who aren't the bigwigs' blue-eyed boys but the people's choice instead. When it looked like the WWE was running out of steam, the CrossFit Jesus came in and saved us from disaster. But for the love of all things wrestling, please turn him heel again!


Kurt Angle and the Shield Meme

Back in the early '00s, Kurt Angle was one of the best wrestlers around. Not only was he arguably the best in-ring performer at the time, but he was also sensational on the mic. That's why it was baffling that the WWE wouldn't grant him some time off to recover from his injuries and he was forced to ask for his release as a result. To see him on TNA for the next decade must've hurt the promotion, because he was a top talent lost due to poor mismanagement.

So, when Angle finally returned home to WWE, he received the ovation that he deserved. While it could've been tempting to throw him into the thick of things, he served mostly as the Raw General Manager, until an injury to Roman Reigns resulted in him lacing up the boots (and vest) to team up with The Shield.


John Cena Meme

Yes, the whole "you can't see me" shtick is old now. Every time someone posts a picture of John Cena, there's always some wiseguy in the comments section who tells you that you forgot to post a picture. Still, the internet couldn't resist making fun of the new iPhone release after it was announced to have facial identification.

The meme community went wild, speculating what on earth Cena would do if he bought the phone and tried to use it. There were quite a few gems created, and the above is one of our favorites. Cena, himself, joined in on the fun as he tweeted, "Sooo #iPhoneX about #FaceID ...ummmmm .... what do I do?" You do the right thing, John, and use a Nokia 3310.


Xavier Woods Meme

Xavier Woods is known for four things: his performances with The New Day, his YouTube channel UpUpDownDown, his wild hairstyles, and his – ahem – triple-threat video with Brad Maddox and Paige. We won't be discussing the latter, but we will be talking about his crazy hairdos. It seems like whenever there's a big event, Woods changes his look to get all the attention and headlines. Bloody showoff!

In many ways, he's exactly like Hook's Rufio (as played by Dante Basco), whose ludicrous hairstyle ensured that he'd be the leader of the Lost Boys by default. The '90s were exceptionally weird, and kids chose to do strange things with hairspray, hair dye, and poofy hair styles. The only question we have is, who's Peter Pan in The New Day? Is it Kofi Kingston or Big E?


Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon Meme

While Vince McMahon built up a reputation as a ruthless businessman who turned the wrestling industry into a monopoly, his son, Shane McMahon, tried his very best to make sure he wouldn't live to see the next Wrestlemania with high-risk moves. Everyone knew that a match with Shane O Mac usually involved something ludicrous that would have the doctors and paramedics shaking their heads.

Thus, it was surprising when Shane decided to leave the company and do his own thing in 2009. He made his on-screen return in 2016, looking much grayer than when he left and many wondered if his time away from biz had aged him a few decades. Despite the additional silver lining in his hair, Shane is still the crazy S.O.B. he was before and will raise the roof with his insane maneuvers.


Big E Meme

Looking at Big E, it's strange to think that the WWE hasn't packaged him as an unstoppable monster yet. Knowing how much Vince McMahon goes gaga for the big guys, Big E would be the perfect heel to steamroll over opponents. Well, at least he doesn't have a stupid Sexual Chocolate gimmick like Mark Henry used to, right?

What Big E is busy doing now is acting ridiculous with The New Day week in and week out, while harping on this whole unicorn thing. Naturally, fans have bought into it and it's become a running gag filled with numerous connotations and innuendos. That said, we'd still like to see Big E go on a main-event solo run and destroy everyone in his path – including "The Beast" Brock Lesnar.


The Miz Meme

While Seth Rollins might be one of the top stars in the WWE right now, he can't escape the stigma that he's a reckless worker in the squared circle. Unfortunately, on his watch, several wrestlers have been injured. The biggest casualty was Sting, who suffered a career-ending neck injury in his match with Rollins and retired soon afterwards. Even the legendary Bret Hart has chimed in and called for Rollins to be more careful in the ring.

The Miz, on the other hand, has been relatively fortunate in his decade-long stint in the WWE. He hasn't suffered any major injuries and is always available when called upon. In fact, he may well be the most underrated wrestler in the world today, as he's shown his ability to entertain both in the ring and on the microphone.


Shocked Undertaker Guy Meme

After so many years, the world was shocked when "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesner finally ended the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 30. Fans were outraged and some were in complete disbelief – none more so than Ellis Mbeh, who's become known for the iconic 'Shocked Internet Guy' meme and its various iterations.

Speaking to WWE.com, Mbeh said, "I was actually rooting for Brock Lesnar! For the past few years I've been rooting [against The Streak]. I rooted for Triple H, who is my favorite wrestler… I rooted for CM Punk." In relation to his now-infamous reaction, he added, "Somehow, someway, Undertaker always wins. So with Brock, in my head I didn't think it would actually happen, you know? When it happened, my mind was stopped. It was like, 'Oh my God, what happened… I just witnessed history.'"


The Original Goldberg Meme

Bill Goldberg came out of nowhere in 1997. With his bald head and black trunks, he was one of the least impressive looking guys in the '90s when gimmicks were everything. However, much like another bald, black trunk-wearing guy named Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg defied the odds and became a wrestling phenomenon by going on one of the longest winning streaks in history.

Before WCW's Goldberg, though, there was another Goldberg who captured our hearts: Shaun Weiss' Greg Goldberg. In The Mighty Ducks, we're introduced to Goldberg: one of the lovable losers who defied the odds to become part of a championship-winning hockey team. Sure, wrestling's Goldberg might've been extremely tough and an immediate winner, but The Mighty Ducks' Goldberg was far more relatable (and fun to be around).

2 HIT F-5

Brock Lesnar Meme

How many times are we going to hear that Brock Lesnar is an animal from the WWE commentators? Mind you, he does sort of look like a predator when he steps into the squared circle and hops around. Even when he smiles, it looks like he has fangs that will tear out your jugular at any second.

Of course, the internet never misses a beat and created an abundance of Lesnar facts for us to soak in. Most of these are about how he's a complete beast and can do whatever he wants, which we do believe to be entirely true. Look, this guy is a total monster, with muscles on his muscles, and no one can doubt his tough-guy credentials. And if we ever do doubt him, he'll just hit an F-5 to refresh our minds.


Roman Reigns Meme

And now, it's time for the obligatory Roman Reigns meme! Oh, man, there's so much that we can say about the so-called Roman Empire. He's probably the most pushed wrestler in the past decade, but the fans just aren't biting. Maybe it's the fact that he has zero personality or it's his ridiculous OP moves. Seriously, how the hell do you use a punch to the face as a signature movie and call it the Superman punch? How dare you, Roman!

No matter how much the WWE pushes this guy down our throats, we'll keep vomiting him back up. Unfortunately, the Roman hype train died way back in 2014 when The Shield disbanded, and now he's manufactured and smells more of plastic than a Barbie doll factory. Someone call Gerard Butler for his next sequel because the Roman Empire has fallen.

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