Wolvermeme: 15 Savage Wolverine Memes

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is give us plenty of meme material. James Howlett, aka Logan, aka Wolverine, has been a firm fan favorite ever since his first appearance back in 1974, in The Incredible Hulk #180/181. From there, his character evolved into a fully fledged X-Man in Giant-Size X-Men #1, and the Marvel Universe has never looked back.

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During the ‘90s, there seemed to barely be a single issue that went by without Wolverine in it, and that over-saturation continued well into the new millennium until he was killed off in 2014’s Death of Wolverine. The beloved Canadian has never been too far away though, with his alternate universe counterpart -- Old Man Logan -- taking his place. If you think he was popular in the comics, his transition to the big screen has been even more successful, with Australian actor Hugh Jackman truly embodying the role throughout every X-Men movie since the first. Seeing as how that flick came out in 2000, he’s grown with the role for nearly 20 years. His tenure seems to have come to an end with 2017’s Logan, so to honor the legacy of the character, CBR presents you with the 15 funniest Wolver-memes!


For a while there, the “Batman slapping Robin” meme was everywhere, but for good reason: it was hilarious. This unholy crossover between Marvel and DC might just be the best, however, as not only is it brutal enough to be funny, but shows that Wolverine goes where Batman won’t. Not that Batman would ever want to kill Robin, mind you, but this may be reason enough as to why Wolverine doesn’t have a sidekick of his own.

We’ve no doubt that when it truly comes down to it, Wolverine is good with kids. His mentoring of Kitty Pryde and Jubilee over the years showed a different side to him, and he even ran the entire X-School for a short while. Still, if even Batman couldn’t resist slapping Robin every now and then, the Boy Wonder has to be really careful when dealing with a guy who has knives for hands.


Don’t you just hate it when the water in the shower goes freezing cold for no reason? As if getting up in the mornings wasn’t hard enough, now you have the extreme temperature changes of a broken shower to contend with. You really should get that fixed, you know. Still, it’s comforting to know that even the walking ball of rage that is Wolverine suffers the same mundane problems as the rest of us.

We’re joking, of course, as this image was taken from the moment when Logan became Wolverine at the hands of the deadly Weapon X program. Lacing his bones with Adamantium was an excruciating process that would have killed any other being, but Logan was always something special. The process left him emotionally scarred, which is probably why he’s so sensitive about those cold showers.


If we really put our heads together, we could all find our own personal comics that could replace that second panel. After all, the gift and curse of being a comics fan is that there are times when our favorite things make us shed more than just a tear, but sob our hearts out. It could even be the Death of Wolverine himself! Instead, this meme chose the Ultimate Universe’s "Death of Peter Parker" storyline as the one that tugs at Wolverine’s heartstrings, leading to this emotional confession to Rogue.

It’s entirely possible that this 2010 storyline -- which saw the final adventure of the Ultimate Universe wall-crawler -- was enough to reduce Logan to a sobbing mess on the floor, as he’s always had a strong bond with Spidey. It could also just be the comics that the meme’s creator found to be the most heartbreaking.


It’s only when you see photos like this that you truly realize how much physical effort Hugh Jackman poured into the role of Wolverine. When you compare these two photos -- the one on the left from 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, the right from 2000’s original X-Men movie -- you can see that the man completely changed his body for the role. He’s practically a machine.

His 2014 self makes his 14-years-previous version look like a child, even though he’s not a weakling there either. The meme plays on the idea that in Days of Future Past, Logan is sent back in time to the ‘70s, his consciousness inhabiting his body from back then. If this is the difference just under 30 years makes, he must be using some serious anti-aging creme.


While it may not always come up, especially in the movies, Wolverine is officially and intentionally Canadian. In fact, if it weren’t for John Byrne’s insistence on keeping a fellow Canadian around in X-Men, the now infamous Wolverine may not be the iconic powerhouse we know and love. There have been plenty of storylines that delve into his Canadian heritage and origins, most notably in his interactions with Canada’s premier super-team Alpha Flight, but in the movies, it’s only referenced a few times.

It’s always amusing to poke fun at the idea of Wolverine hailing from the wonderfully polite Canadian culture, what with him being arguably the most unapologetic member of the X-Men to date. Hey, if you had retractable adamantium claws and an increased healing factor, maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to apologize either.


Who doesn’t love a good pun? Well, maybe a lot of people, and a fair few more that would argue that there’s no such thing as a good pun. Still, those of us that love them know that this is a good pun (or at least, so bad it’s good). What’s funny is that Wolverine seems like the kind of guy that does not take kindly to puns, which is perhaps why he and Deadpool often don’t see eye to eye.

The Clause/Claws gag is pretty great, and when you open up those floodgates, you open up a goldmine of puns, for example: Who’s Wolverine’s favorite Christmas figure? Santa Claws! Maybe that wasn’t the best one, but how about this: Why won’t Wolverine dress up at the Asylum Christmas party? Because of the Sanity Claws! That one is all over the place, honestly, but you get the idea.


One of these two characters DEFINITELY gets the better end of this deal. On the one hand, you’ve increased the deadly powers of Wolverine ten-fold -- as well as making him look awesome and probably making him a big hit at warehouse raves. On the other hand, you’ve got Cyclops, who’s now a no-clops thanks to the painful claws popping out of his eye sockets. You’ve got to imagine that those claws are retractable too, which -- ok that’s not worth thinking about.

Wolverine and Cyclops have always had a rocky relationship. Being two sides of a dangerous love triangle -- the third participant being Jean Grey -- has meant that they’ve always butted heads. Plus, when the lone wolf that is Logan first joined the X-Men, Scott Summers was the embodiment of the authoritarian team player, so it was never going to work.


If Cyclops ever did give Wolverine his cell number, he had to know that it was always going to end this way. While Logan may be a fairly no-nonsense guy most of the time, there’s no way he’d be able to pass up the chance to annoy the uptight Scott Summers. You can imagine this being the long line in a series of pranks the long-suffering Cyclops has to put up with.

Utilizing Scott Summers as the straight man in this gag is a genius move, as it sort of perfectly sums up the relationship he shares with Wolverine. He’s always had to be the leader, the one that takes the burden of responsibility in order to protect the team, while Wolverine can play the maverick, taking risks and winning all the fans.


While Wolverine is the maverick to Scott’s straight man, everybody is the straight man compared to Deadpool. There have been numerous times when Wade Wilson and Wolverine have butted heads, but there have also been plenty of times they’ve worked together on the same team. In the end, they have a love-hate relationship which, to be honest, Deadpool has with a lot of people.

This awesome image by Renny08 captures perfectly the relationship between Wade and Logan. Not only is Deadpool fully prepared to take on one of the deadliest mutants in the world for the sake of a joke, but Wolverine is already tired of it and completely ready to tear his colleague a new one. Even though this is fan art, there’s no way that Deadpool hasn’t done this joke at least once, so this might as well be canon.


Now, it’s entirely possible that someone has confused Wolverine’s retractable claws with the actual fingers on his hands, because (and we know we don’t have to tell you this) that’s not how any of this works. Logan’s retractable adamantium claws are just that -- retractable -- so he shouldn’t ever really have any trouble eating his tasty dinners, presumably of steak and whiskey.

We’re making assumptions here, though. There’s every possibility that this isn’t a joke about his claws at all, but just someone off-panel telling the usually animal-like Wolverine how people conduct themselves in polite company. It’s ok to use your fingers to eat your tin of beans when you’re on your own Logan, but when you’ve got impressionable x-babies wandering around the mansion, show a little decorum.


If there was one dominating soap opera factor in the Claremont/Byrne era of X-Men comics, it was the relationship between Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Scott Summers (Cyclops). Their love became the emotional core of the series, one that ended in tragedy upon the conclusion of the "Dark Phoenix Saga." She would come back to life, of course -- such is the life of a character called Phoenix -- but their love was never as strong.

Despite it being blatantly obvious that Scott and Jean were made for each other, that never stopped Wolverine from getting involved, turning this into a love triangle that only served to ramp up the tension in the mutant team. There may not be many ways to kill Wolverine, but he can be broken, and much like Peter Parker or Tony Stark, his biggest weakness always did seem to be redheads.


When you look for the best Wolverine memes on the internet, about 75% are a play on the popular “Wolverine Crush” format, where an image from the X-Men animated series -- depicting a lovesick Logan caressing a picture of Jean Grey -- gets hilariously mashed up with some of the weirdest and wildest images around.

This is by far the best though as, much like everything in life, it’s made exponentially better by adding Nic Cage. Whether you love his zany, unpredictable face, his seeming inability to turn any movie role down, his precious overacting or his slew of memorable characters, it’s obvious that the love we all share for Nicholas Cage can’t help but be shared by Wolverine. He may have a hard exterior, but he has one giant soft spot in his heart for Nic.


When you think of the character of Wolverine these days, you can’t help but think of Hugh Jackman. While on paper he didn’t seem like the perfect choice at first -- he seemed too young, too tall, too "not-Canadian" -- over the last 17 years and nine movies, he’s come to embody the character in such a way that it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

Now that the story of Wolverine on the big screen appears to be complete thanks to 2017’s Logan, there’s every likelihood that soon enough we’ll see a reboot of the character with a younger actor embracing the adamantium claws. For the moment though, this meme is entirely accurate; ask the majority of fans and there’s only one man perfect for the role of Wolverine. His name is Hugh Jackman.


When it comes to Wolverine pet ownership, there are many traps and pitfalls a new owner can fall into: don’t give your Wolverine too much beer (or not enough); give it freedom but don’t be scared to rein it in and tell it who’s boss; leave plenty of pictures of mutant redheads lying around to soothe him. The most important rule, however, is knowing how to properly pet your Wolverine.

You want to show him that you love him but respect his boundaries. Owning a pet Wolverine is all about building trust, so petting him on the head -- a big no-no -- can lead to many months of hard work down the drain. Petting him anywhere else though? Well, that’s pretty much off limits too. Basically, owning a pet Wolverine is a pretty bad idea, you guys.


Ah, poor X-Men Origins: Wolverine. What was designed to be the start of a series of origin movies looking into individual X-characters (a Magneto one was also planned) practically halted the entire franchise upon its release due to its spectacular critical failure. Not only does it do a disservice to Wolverine, it messed up several other characters too, most notably Deadpool.

The second half of this meme could just as easily depict the 2016 solo Deadpool movie instead and all the sins of Origins would be washed away. After all, there’s every chance that Deadpool wouldn’t have been made had they got him right the first time. It took until 2017’s Logan, however, for a solo Wolverine movie to come along that was truly worthy of the character, and wash that bad taste out of our mouths.

What's your favorite Wolvermeme? Let us know in the comments!

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