The Walking Dank: The 15 Most Savage Walking Dead Memes

When it comes to audience viewership, The Walking Dead is a ratings juggernaut. Although the horror genre is very popular, no one expected the AMC series to be this popular. It consistently does millions of views every week and although the first episode of season 8 (which was also the show's 100th episode) had the lowest opening ratings since the season 3 opener, the premiere still had over 11 million views, only being beaten by Sunday Night Football. The characters are compelling and the zombies are scary, but even diehard fans can laugh at some parts of the series.

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The Walking Dead originally started as a black and white comic book series with its first issue published in October 2003. Years later, the show now has a spinoff entitled Fear The Walking Dead, as well as a webisode series and a successful video game line. Although it's a wonderfully entertaining show, it's not perfect. For example, who the heck is mowing all of the grass during the zombie apocalypse? And why does Rick refer to his son as Coral? These memes are as mean as Negan and as vicious as the Governor (but loving, we promise).


Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas was introduced in the first season. He was played by IronE Singleton and was a character created specifically for the show, unlike such characters as Rick and Andrea who could be found in the pages of the comics. T-Dog only lasted three seasons and died a heroic death while trying to save Carol at the prison complex.

The show received heavy criticism for not developing T-Dog's character enough throughout the three seasons he was on the show. However, when he was first cast, the intention was to only have him in a handful of episodes, even though his character makes it to the prison complex. Viewers accurately, and savagely, pointed out that for all the ways his character could die, did it have to be in a prison?



Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, does his best to protect his son and daughter from all of the dangers of living in a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps it's the pressure of keeping them alive that makes him say his son's name so weirdly. The assorted internets, of course, were quick to poke fun at Lincoln's pronunciation of Carl as "Coral." Keep in mind that Rick Grimes is from Kentucky but Andrew Lincoln hails from London, England.

In "Killer Within," the 4th episode of the 3rd season, Rick's wife, Lori, dies while giving birth to their daughter. The scene is heartbreaking, but the internet is a cruel place, and people quickly turned the tear-jerker scene into a funny meme in which Rick mispronounces his name while telling a dad joke. This meme hits the trifecta: he calls his son Coral, he tells a corny joke, and he makes a pun out of Norman Reedus' name. Well played, The Internet.


Before Rick led his pack of survivors through the apocalyptic remains of the South, he was a police officer working with his partner, Shane, in Cynthiana, Kentucky. While serving as a police officer he certainly used his weapon; after all, it was a shooting incident on the job that put him in a coma right before the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. So, if he's no stranger to firearms, then why does he hold his gun so awkwardly?

Do we need to get Rick a lighter gun? Some argue that he's compensating for the recoil from his Colt Python, others say that it's heavy and give the man a break he's doing his best. Regardless of how Rick holds his weapon, he has lived through the villainy of The Governor and Negan, so if the man wants to hold his gun like it's a boomerang, leave him be!



Philip Blake was a complex character. Villain to some, leader to others, the name that he is most known by is The Governor. The Governor was the leader of a town called Woodbury, and eventually became at odds with Rick. He leads an assault on the prison in which Rick has set up camp and personally kills Hershel with Michonne's sword.

The Governor is charismatic and well-spoken, but also can become erratic and dangerous to even his closest allies. It's scary to see him come at you with a high-powered gun, but everyone can breathe a sigh of relief when we realize he's taking aim with his covered eye. When you're firing a machine gun in a "spray and pray" way, you don't need to rely on aim, but the comedic sight of it does take the Governor down a notch or two.


The only thing harder than waiting for The Walking Dead season to begin is waiting for the season of Game of Thrones to start. The show is notorious for taking a mid-season break. Producers have explained that they need to break up The Walking Dead into two parts because it is very post-production heavy and takes time to produce.

In this meme we see Deanna Monroe, played by Tovah Feldshuh. Although she tries to stop herself from becoming a walker, we later see that she did turn and is eventually stabbed by her son. The meme, instead of focusing on her strong performance, is poking fun at how long AMC makes its fans wait for new episodes. Look on the bright side, you get a longer wait from Game of Thrones (and less episodes per season).



When the zombie apocalypse comes, people will have to work with the skills they have to survive. Ezekiel, former actor and zookeeper, uses those skills to lead a community known as the Kingdom. With his tiger, Shiva, at his side, he sits on a literal throne in a theatre and has people refer to him as "King."

The Walking Dead is filled with many intimidating characters, such as Negan and Michonne, and the characters that play them on screen pay strong homages to their comic book counterparts. However, this meme is quick to point out that Ezekiel, played by Khary Payton, may do better on the forest moon of Endor fighting the Empire than walkers. Ezekiel is still a formidable leader, but after looking at this meme, do you think you can stop yourself from seeing him as a character from Return of the Jedi?


In the zombie apocalypse, there aren't a lot of amenities. Food is scarce, clean water is hard to come by, and you can forget about "luxuries" in life like a hot shower or a soft bed. Survival is the most important thing, so forget deodorant or haircuts because the undead will eat you regardless of your grooming habits.

In "Remember", the 12th episode of the 5th season, Rick is fortunate enough take a hot shower and shave off his grizzly beard. A woman named Jessie comes by and even gives the stranger a haircut. When we're first introduced to Rick, he's a well-groomed lawman, and when he accepts the position of police officer for the town of Alexandria years later, it almost feels like we're watching the first episode again. It's nice to see how Rick can wash away the Grimes with enough hot water.



Daryl Dixon, similar to T-Dog, was a character created specifically for the show and did not originate in the Robert Kirkman Walking Dead comic book series. He is one of the most loved cast members on the show, and fans often proclaim with pride that they'll stop watching the show if he's killed off. Some even say he might be a better leader than Rick Grimes. He certainly is a better cryer.

Even actor Norman Reedus knows how awkward he looks when he cries, and making a meme out of the scene when he discovers his brother, Merle, is now a zombie, is a little cruel. Making it a statement against vegetables is also downright mean. Hey, it's the zombie apocalypse; you're going to ugly cry from time to time.


One of the things that makes The Walking Dead so great is how high the stakes are. Every week, the audience wonders if this is the last time they're going to see their favorite character alive. The show, similar to Game of Thrones, has no problem with offing major characters on a weekly basis. Yes, some characters have come back in flashbacks and dreams, but the dead normally stay dead, unless they're the undead, then they come back... but they're dead (you get the point).

Could there be a way for our favorite characters that have died to come back to life? There's a great fan theory that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad universes are connected, but there's really no way that The Walking Dead is remotely associated with Star Wars. However, if they were, could our favorite characters come back as Jedi? This meme seems to think so... and now, so do we.



Netflix and chill has become a euphemism for getting an old school booty call. Sure, the offer of popcorn and binge watching episodes of Riverdale sounds great, but is the person inviting you to see it really a big fan of Archie or do they want something more? Can we also watch Jessica Jones? When will we get to the chill part?

So what exactly would Walking Dead and chill be? Would it be the same thing as Netflix and chill? Does it involve the sexy, brooding look that Andrew Lincoln is giving in this meme? Perhaps the look he's giving you is a sign that there should be more Walking Dead and less chill going on. We love your scruffy beard and the funny way you hold your gun.


On The Walking Dead, Negan is a villain of Chuck Norris-like proportions. No other villain has been on the show as long as the owner of Lucille, the barbed wire bat that he used to end the life of Abraham and Glenn. In fact, Negan has dispatched more main characters than any other villain. Even show creator Robert Kirkman described the character as "an atomic bomb" and those words were definitely chosen carefully.

Sure The Governor was sadistic and cruel, but he pales in comparison to Negan. The cliffhanger from the end of season six showed Negan all smiles as he beat to death an unknown member of Rick's group (people had to wait until the season seven premiere to find out who it was). He is as foul-mouthed as he is murderous, and the meme says it all: Negan will end your life.



What would you be willing to do to survive the zombie apocalypse? Michonne from the very start was established as a survivor. To move through the zombie hoards, Michonne had chained up her zombified boyfriend and friend, but cut off their jaws and arms so they couldn't bite or scratch her. She used them as camouflage, enabling her to maneuver around the walkers for quite some time.

Michonne is a strong character who has a high walker kill count thanks to the katana that she carries around with her. Given all of the death she's seen during the zombie apocalypse, can you blame her for having the same expression no matter what the occasion? She's known to crack the occasional smile, but those moments are few and far between.


If you think you had a hard childhood, the one saving grace is that it wasn't during the zombie apocalypse. Poor Carl Grimes. Not only does he have to put up with his dad calling him "Coral," he also has to contend with the undead and the chance that any person he loves on a given day could die from a number of things. If you're upset because you don't have the courage to speak to your crush, don't complain to Carl Grimes.

Although Carl is in his mid-teens, he's already got some confirmed Walker kills under his belt. He's been shot, he lost an eye, and after his mother dies, he shoots her to prevent her from returning as a Walker. Cole Sear from The Sixth Sense may see dead people, but Carl takes it one step further. Go get em, Coral!



When we first see Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, she is the mother of Sophia and wife to her abusive husband, Ed. Both Ed and Sophia were tragically killed by Walkers, but instead of these awful events defeating her, it wound up making her one of the strongest characters on the show. It's hard to believe that they were originally going to kill her (T-Dog wound up being the person dying in the episode).

How valuable is Carol now? She has one of the highest kill counts on the show. She also is instrumental in season 5 when she saves Rick and the group from being held hostage at Terminus with an assault that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger from Commando proud!  It's amazing how far she's come!


We love a good meme that kills two birds with one stone. In a strange and confusing incident back in April of 2017, an overbooked United Airlines flight was forced to ask passengers to leave in order to allow United crew members to board. Initially volunteers were asked, but when no one offered, they were forced to make people give up their seats. One passenger was physically and traumatically dragged off the flight.

We're introduced to Negan on the final episode of the sixth season. Because Rick's group has caused the death of some of Negan's men, he wants retribution. With his barbed wire bat in hand, he methodically decides who to dish his vengeance out on. No one died on the United flight, but this meme pokes fun at the tense situation aboard the plane. A word to the wise: don't fly on an airline that would employ Negan.

What's your favorite Walking Dead meme? Let us know in the comments!


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