"Savage Dragon" Sells Out On Eve Of Milestone Issue

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 18 April, 2006 -- After a long hiatus, SAVAGE DRAGONhas returned to the shelves with a vengeance, selling out of its twomost recent issues as the series approaches the landmark number 125.Only one other Image Comics title has made it to that point – ToddMcFarlane's SPAWN – and to celebrate, SAVAGE DRAGON #125 will featurean ad-free 64 pages of material.

Having taken almost a full year off to focus on his position asPublisher of Image Comics, SAVAGE DRAGON creator Erik Larsen hit theground running this year with renewed vigor for his long-time creation.

Not only has the book been shipping on-time, every month, but fanswill notice that Larsen has taken over all creative aspects of thebook himself: writing, illustrating, coloring and even lettering!

"It's great to be back," said Larsen. "I've been dabbling withPhotoshop over the last few years, coloring back-up stories and theoccasional page or pin-up and many of the covers, but I really wantedto color the book itself. Having had a lot of practice over my'break' I was able to pick up the ball and run with it on the regularseries, and I'm pretty excited about the results. The lettering isstill a bit shaky, but I'm confident that I'll get a handle on it."

For the SAVAGE DRAGON #125, Larsen handled full creative chores for awhopping 44 pages of all-new material. The milestone issue is roundedout by three previously published stories: "The Wish" from NEGATIVEBURN WINTER 2005 special, "Power Shortage" from the IMAGE COMICSSUMMER SPECIAL (released for Free Comic Book Day in 2004) and "A VeryGlum X-Mas" from the IMAGE COMICS HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2005.

"SAVAGE DRAGON #125 was a lot of fun." Larsen said. "I'm gearing upfor another awe-inspiring Savage Dragon epic and this one sets thestage for that. It gets Mr. Glum in a position so that he can takeover the world and it puts the Savage Dragon in a place where hedoesn't want to be. It's all leading up to a rousing epic thatculminates with the characters from Mark Millar and J.G. Jones'WANTED series dropping by to kick some serious ass (which happens inSAVAGE DRAGON #128) and THAT leads into the NEXT phase of theDragon's life. But it all starts in #125, which gets the ball rolling."

SAVAGE DRAGON #125 will be on sale April 26th. There are currently 11volumes of SAVAGE DRAGON trade paperbacks available for order andyour local comics retailer can contact their Diamond Customer ServiceRepresentative for ordering.

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