Erik Larsen Doesn't Give a Sh*t About a Savage Dragon Movie

Savage Dragon Larsen

Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen has no interest in seeing his creation appear in a movie. On Twitter, he was adamant that the character, currently published by Image Comics, will remain in the comics medium only.

"I've heard it before and I'll hear it again: 'They should make a Savage Dragon movie,'" he wrote. "Honestly -- and I know people mean this as a compliment -- but I couldn't give two shits about seeing Savage Dragon on the big screen."

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"Savage Dragon in the comics is MY character. He looks the way I want him to look. He acts the way I want him to act. Every word is emphasized just as I'd intended. Every gesture, every expression, everything -- it's all as I envisioned it," he continued.

The writer-artist ruled out having the comic adapted as an animated series, though it did air as a cartoon for two seasons in 1995 on USA's Cartoon Express. "If you like my work and you like Savage Dragon -- there is, and always will be, just one place where you can find that. And it's not on the big or little screen -- it's in print. It's a comic book," Larsen concluded.

The character, a large green-skinned humanoid who debuted in Graphic Fantasy #1 in 1982, is a police officer who fights crime with his super strength and rapid healing factor. Savage Dragon #231, the next issue of the ongoing series, goes on sale February 7.

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