Savage Dragon goes to hell in 'Nancy' crossover

It looks like Erik  Larsen's Savage Dragon is going on a road trip.

This February, Larsen's fin-headed fan-favorite is taking a siesta from Image Comics and heading to Spain-based Amigo Comics for a crossover titled Nancy: A Dragon in Hell. In the full-color one-shot, the new "Savage" Dragon, Malcolm Dragon, meets Amigo founder El Torres' Nancy in Hell universe, with promises of "plenty of demons, blood splashes and brain-dead zombies being ripped apart by a chainsaw." Nancy in Hell was originally published at Image, but now Torres is relaunching the title at his own company.

"The son of the original Savage Dragon, Malcolm Dragon, is dragged to Hell by a Pig-Nun demon who arrived to Earth (Dragon’s Earth) answering the call of a High School goth chick," the publisher states on its website. "Malcolm is transported into that hellish dimension, where he meets Nancy… and  Lucifer. And they will meet one of the old foes of The Savage Dragon: The Entity, sent away to the pits of Hell in the famous saga S. So, Nancy and Malcolm must rescue of Lucifer, captive of the Entity and Pig-Nun … riding a red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury."

Despite being a pillar of Image Comics, Larsen's Savage Dragon has a long history of inter-company. The titular character was introduced in the indie series Megaton before Image was created, and since his Image debut he's crossed over with Megaton (again), as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, the Maxx and Mars Attacks!

Nancy: A Dragon in Hell, by El Torres and Enrique Lorenzana, will be released in February.

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