'Savage Dragon #100' sells out

[Savage Dragon #100]ORANGE, CA -- 9 September, 2002 -- Image Comics announced this afternoonthat Diamond has completely sold out of SAVAGE DRAGON #100. A secondprinting, featuring an all-new cover by creator Erik Larsen, was alsoannounced.

To celebrate the one-hundredth issue and Tenth Anniversary of SAVAGE DRAGON,Larsen pulled out all the stops for a 100-page super spectacular, featuringan all-new 22-page lead story and ten additional back-up stories. The leadstory is written, penciled and inked by Larsen, as usual, but the back-upstories feature inks by a veritable who's who of artists and inkers: JohnBeatty, Chris Eliopoulos, Al Gordon, Jerry Ordway, Mike Royer, BillSienkiewicz, Walter Simonson, Bruce Timm, Tim Townsend, and Bob Wiacek.

Rounding out Larsen's giant-sized extravaganza are pin-ups by Arthur Adams,Frank Cho, Carlos Pacheco, Frank Miller, Marc Silvestri and Bruce Timm,along with new comic strips by Chris Giarrusso ("Savage Bits"), NickDerington and Brian Blake ("Savage Tales") and Chris Eliopoulos ("DesperateTime"), all of which pay tribute to Larsen's phenomenal 100-issue run onSAVAGE DRAGON.

SAVAGE DRAGON #100 sets a new record for the most consecutive issues of acomic book written and drawn by a single creator. Additionally, Larsen isthe first and only Image founder to write and draw 100 consecutive issues ofthe title he launched in 1992 when Image Comics was first formed.

According to Eric Stephenson, Image Comics' Director of Marketing, interestin SAVAGE DRAGON has been growing over the past several months, resulting inincreased reorder activity and favorable word-of-mouth about one of Image'slongest-running series.

"I think a lot of the current buzz is in response to issue #100," Stephensonnoted, "but a growing number of fans are coming around to the notion thatSAVAGE DRAGON is a real labor of love for Erik. Not many creators stick witha any title for more than a few issues these days, and Erik's been hard atwork on SAVAGE DRAGON for ten years now."

[Savage Dragon #101]Larsen added: "Naturally, I'm tickled pink that readers have responded sopositively to SAVAGE DRAGON #100. It was literally four full issues worth ofmaterial from me and that was no easy task to pull off. It's gratifying tosee that all of that effort paid off. It's a terrific feeling watching theodemeter roll over. I can't wait to get at the next couple hundred issues.It ought to be a hoot."

In addition to the second printing of SAVAGE DRAGON #100, upcoming SAVAGEDRAGON releases include SAVAGE DRAGON #101, THE SAVAGE DRAGON COMPANION (thedefinitive guide to the first one hundred issues of the series), and theSAVAGE DRAGON: THIS SAVAGE WORLD hardcover, reprinting SAVAGE DRAGON #75-81.

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