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Savage County: Sinner’s Medicine (Preview)

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Savage County: Sinner’s Medicine

There’s a reason the Hardell family lives so far out of town: they don’t want company. When a mismatched group of high school kids trespasses on the Hardell ranch to drink beer and skinny dip, they learn this lesson the hard way.

When the beer runs dry, the kids dare Patrick – the only junior and the odd man out – to ring and run on the Hardell’s house. Patrick takes up the dare, pounds on the door and finds himself staring down the wrong end of a double-barrel shotgun. His friends come to his defense and when the smoke clears, the oldest member of the Hardell family is dead.
A pair of headlights at the end of the road leading to the Hardell house scares the kids away – leaving the body behind.

When the rest of the Hardell clan finds the old man murdered, they want vengeance. They hunt down the teens one-by-one, killing the innocent and the guilty. In one night big dreams of getting out of Savage County become small hopes of getting out alive.