The 10 Most Savage Things That The Batman Who Laughs Has Done

One of the newest and most popular villains to be introduced into the DC universe is the Batman Who Laughs. Created as a combination of the Batman and Joker, this new enemy is perhaps one of the most formidable to ever grace the pages of a DC comic book.

Combing the intelligence and combat skills of Batman with the nihilistic psychopathy of the Joker has lead to this villain to do many insanely evil things. He's killed and tortured a countless number of innocent people. The worst part is he enjoys every second of it. Here are the ten most savage things the Batman Who Laughs has ever done.

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10 Taking Over Gotham

After this insane baddie made his way to the Prime Earth, he decided to first head for Gotham City. Upon his arrival, Batman Who Laughs immediately took control of Gotham City. He then sought out the many villains of Batman and gave them a special power.

The cards made up of Cosmic Metalllurgy that Laughs gave the villains imbued them with special abilities of reality manipulation. Bane, Riddler, Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, and Firefly were then able to take control of different sections of Gotham city, remaking these areas into their domains using the reality-warping cards.

9 Dark Knights

Dark Knights Metal Batman who Laughs v Wonder Woman

Originally the Bruce Wayne of his universe, the Batman Who Laughs went on to dominate his entire planet after his unfortunate transformation. With no one left to dominate, he was left with a bit of an empty feeling inside. It was at this point that Laughs was introduced to the evil Bat-God known as Barbatos.

Barbatos formed a team of evil Batmen all from within the Dark Multiverse. Choosing the Batman Who Laughs as the leader, he sent this team to the central Multiverse in hopes of dominating it.

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8 Killing Nightmaster

Jim Rook, after taking on his ancestor's mystical weapon the Sword of Night, became the hero known as Nightmaster. Nightmaster was an established hero in the DC universe, often aiding other heroes and fighting mystical threats, Nightmaster proved himself as a noble and worthy superhero.

During the Dark Nights: Metal event, Nightmaster chose to let heroes take refuge in his Oblivion Bar from Barbatos and his forces. Eventually, the Dark Knights discover the bar. Although Rook fights gallantly, he is ultimately impaled by his own sword at the hand of the Batman Who Laughs.

7 The Grim Knight

Although the forces of Barbatos are defeated at the end of the Dark Nights: Metal storyline, Batman Who Laughs remains on Prime Earth in hopes of getting a rematch with Prime Earth Batman. When he does return, it's revealed Laughs had an additional dark Batman that he smuggled into this dimension apart from his Dark Knights team. This Batman was the Grim Knight.

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Unleashing the Grim Knight upon Gotham lead to many innocent deaths. Inviting the mass-murdering, gun-toting Batman into this universe lead to some seriously savage moments.

6 Murdering the Court of Owls

Hoping to gain some information from the Court of Owls, Laughs sought an audience with the ancient Gotham secret society. Instead hoping to either murder or torture Laughs for personal amusement, they sent out a little girl in a wheelchair to ultimately decide his fate.

Once the girl decides to sick the court's soldiers, the Talons, on this Batman, the whole society is met with a shocking surprise. As the Talons that walked out were revealed to have been severely dismembered. The Batman Who Laughs then set off explosions and systematically killed each member of the court, including the girl.

5 Dark Damian

Even though it seemed that this twisted version of Bruce Wayne wanted few allies, he did seek out one specific sidekick. That sidekick was none other than his own son, Damian Wayne. Infecting him with the same formula that twisted Bruce, Damian was transformed into Bat's evil partner.

Damian's evil Robin followed Laughs on many adventures. During the supervillains time attacking Prime Earth, Damian is killed by his prime counterpart Damian Wayne, who had some help from the Green Arrow.

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4 Rabid Robins


Before the Batman Who Laughs was even created, his universe's Joker discovered Bruce's identity, incapacitated him, and went on to destroy all of Gotham City. Wanting to createa  little version of himself and Batman, Joker rounded up children from all over the city, killed their parents in front of them and then doused them with chemicals turning the children into little Jokers.

Later on, the Batman Who Laughs captured all of these insane children and turned them into his personal Rabid Robins. These Rabid Robins are insanely loyal and extremely dangerous in physical combat.

3 Murdering the Justice League

Batman's quick rise from hero to conquering supervillain lead to the deaths of the majority of Earth's greatest heroes. Among these dead were the Justice League, who Laughs most likely felt like was his greatest threat.

Entering the weapons vault of the Justice League's Watchtower, Batman confiscated many of the greatest weapons of the team's deadliest enemies and then used these weapons against his former allies. He killed every member of the team except one: Superman.

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2 Infecting Superman With Black Kryptonite

In a final standoff with the Man of Steel, Batman revealed his intention to use the many weapons the League had accrued from their many enemies to take over the entire planet. Before Superman could do anything, Laughs quickly pulled out some black kryptonite.

Infecting Superman and his son with a mad rage, the two heroes killed Lois Lane before dying as a side effect of the space rock. It is mentioned that this twisted Batman had used the same tactic to take care of Supergirl as well.

1 Murdering the Bat-Family

Shortly after this version of Bruce Wayne was infected with the Joker's chemicals, he called the entire Bat-Family into the cave to train. After learning about this process, the family believed that Batman was training his proteges to defeat his soon-to-be evil self. This was not the case.

It turns out that Bruce had already gone full Joker. He reveals this fact to his closest family and friends, moments before gunning them all down in cold blood.

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