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18 Savage Batman Memes That Prove He’s A Massive D-Bag

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18 Savage Batman Memes That Prove He’s A Massive D-Bag

Savage Batman memes are one of the simple joys of the internet. The Caped Crusader has never been known for his sense of humor, however his brutal straight-faced delivery often results in unintended hilarity. His thinly veiled dislike/contempt for other characters in the Marvel and DC Universes is well known, and for a superhero shrouded in mystery, he’s never shy about giving his opinion. In Infinite Crisis, for instance, he doesn’t hold back against Superman when he informs him the last time he inspired anyone was when he was dead. In Batman: The Animated Series, he’s constantly telling Barbara Gordon she needs to stop letting her dad control her life.

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In other words, Batman doesn’t hold back, because he’s not afraid of hurting someone’s feelings with the truth. He also doesn’t care about making friends, since he prefers to work alone. Batman has always been hardcore, from his storylines involving revenge, to his militant and merciless take on justice. Batman is not a colorful costumed hero spouting inspirational quotes and appearing on motivational posters. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the 18 most savage Batman memes that prove that he’s a major D-bag. Or maybe he’s just the only superhero keeping it real? You decide.


Does the Batman change expression? Does the Batmobile run on orphan tears? Batman’s perma-scowl is as ubiquitous as the Bat-Signal. Early comics depict a friendlier, more wise-cracking Caped Crusader (especially with Robin), but once the likes of Frank Miller got their hands on the Dark Knight, he became a much darker character that had little to smile about.

In animated incarnations, his mouth becomes essentially a thin line. His voice is always an evenly unamused timbre. “This is my happy face” is an ironic expression that is declared when someone’s countenance conveys the complete opposite. Batman has the same expression all the time, and no one would ever know what emotion he was feeling. His stoicism is so ingrained in his character that at this point, an “overjoyed” Batman would be mildly terrifying.



In what amounts to the single greatest holiday card ever, here we have what looks like the Dark Knight just trying to get done with some goddamn Christmas shopping when some little girl pulls on his cape. She asks if he’s “an angel” and tries to give him a present. He strikes a savage pose, questions her mental competency, then declares himself to be “the goddamn Batman.”

The style of this meme reflects Batman: The Animated Series (especially the last panel), but Batman’s response is in fact a quote from Frank Miller’s goddamn All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder. Batman is a major D-bag to Robin throughout the series. Not only that, but he also speaks in the third person and says “goddamn” a whole lot.


The Batman slapping Robin meme is probably one of the most widely used and widely seen Batman memes currently wasting the internet’s time. Around Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, people share it because it’s Robin wishing Batman a cheery recognition of the holiday and Batman slaps him because he has no dad/mom/parents. That meme is tired, so here we have a variation involving Robin asking Batman which famously hammy portrayals of himself he prefers better, Clooney or Kilmer, to which Robin gets a hefty slap from the Dark Knight.

The fact that this meme is based on a real Batman panel — just flipped for comedic effect — adds to how much of a d-bag Batman can be, especially to his teen sidekick. Robin’s not in the clear though, and since this one so closely resembles Dick Grayson, he’s also clearly a bit of a chump.


A classic meme that spawned many duplicates, it’s a play on the adage “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” which usually involves someone being a janitor but wearing a suit to work on a daily basis. The thought behind it is that they will psyche themselves out and inspire excellence in their toil, even if that happens to be cleaning toilets.

Now, imagine that suit comes with a utility belt, a cowl and a cape. Pretty sweet picture. Of course, if you actually dressed like that, you’d scare a lot of people and most likely get fired (or in this case, be called in for a disciplinary meeting). This meme, with a broody Christian Bale Batman staring you down, pretty much defies you to do it anyway.



The classic “what’s that on your shirt” gag is normally accompanied by a nose flick when the person looks down. Here we have Batman from the third instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy doing a variation of that, but then just punching Bane in the face. He’s smiling about it, because punching bad guys is a good time.

Not everyone liked the interpretation of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, so maybe seeing him get punched in the face by Christian Bale’s Batman is sweet justice. Some attributed it to Tom Hardy’s choice to deliver his lines like he had raging adenoids. Bane’s mask was supposed to be pumping anesthetic goodness throughout Bane’s body, but it just made every line he said harder to hear. Since all creative control fell to Christopher Nolan, maybe he should get punched in the face.


Batman with all seven lantern rings vs Thanos? A five-year prepared Batman vs Galactus? There have been many theoretical battles that Batman has been involved in. They usually start with a set of restrictions/regulations on the fight, before posing the question of who would win. Batman always wins. It’s a favorite pastime of comic fans to postulate crossovers involving the Caped Crusader that seem too extreme to ever happen.

Here we have Batman with the Infinity Gauntlet, going up against Galactus, Mephisto, Thanos and a host of other Marvel baddies. No matter the magnitude of the opposition, Batman will win. He could beat lung cancer with a carton of cigarettes, implying he pretty much has Chuck Norris levels of efficacy when it comes to fighting anyone or anything.



The Joker of Batman: The Animated Series (voiced by the fabulous Mark Hamill) has had some of the best jokes and one-liners in the character’s history, at Batman’s disgruntled expense. Batman getting increasingly frustrated with him is one of the highlights of the show. Here we have a depiction of them in a car together, with Batman offhandedly remarking on how he’d rather be riding Joker’s “Harley”, which is a reference to his main squeeze Harley Quinn.

This meme has a meta-message in reference to a scene in The Dark Knight Rises, when Catwoman hops into Batman’s Batmobile (aka the Tumbler), saying that her mother warned her about getting into cars with strange men. Batman responds “This isn’t a car.” His line turned into a meme by itself, and this meme can be seen as a nod to that.


Usually sidekicks dress in some variation of the superhero’s costume for the sake of solidarity, congruency, identification and because generally it looks better if both of them have the same color scheme. Not so with Batman and whomever happens to be The Boy Wonder at the time. From Dick Grayson, to Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne, they all wore some flamboyant variation of red, green, and yellow (Tim and Damian admittedly got some black).

Until they became their own superheroes (Nightwing, Red Hood, etc), they were wearing very kiddie costumes patterned after a bright-colored bird. This meme proves Batman’s extreme D-bag status if he indeed dresses them this way to draw attention away from himself (admittedly difficult even when dressed as an intimidating bat creature).


Batman has always been a loner. Don’t expect to see his picture splashed across the local paper. He isn’t into the notoriety that comes with the superhero gig. He does what he needs to do and then he goes back to Wayne Manor to brood. He liked kicking butt and taking names before it was cool. That’s why we see him here wearing hipster glasses and declaring all superpowers to be too mainstream.

The hipster meme is often associated with Hipster Jesus, Hipster Kitty and Hipster Ariel. Basically extremely popular entities denouncing their mainstream status. The irony is apparent since Batman’s pretty much tied for a revolving first place as the most popular superhero of all time with Spider-Man and Superman, known specifically for their super abilities. That aside, Batman doesn’t need superpowers to be an effective crimefighter because he’s the goddamn Batman.


Batman has gone up against many villains in his rogues gallery over the years, with the most notorious of them being The Joker aka The Clown Prince of Crime. Superman, while frequently pitted against his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor, happens to have another enemy that is actually more lethal: kryptonite. Batman uses it effectively against him in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Before the film came out, an entire viral campaign was launched in which Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill took cheap shots at each other. Superman and Batman trade insults all the time, so it was appropriate to play that up. In this meme, Superman decided he was going to slam Batman’s arch-nemesis, and was unprepared for Batman’s savage response. It’s great deadpan humor from the Dark Knight, who isn’t known for his sense of humor.


Here we have a classic stock photo of two lovebirds embracing on a beach in front of a glorious sunset. They’re happy, they’re carefree, the guy is lifting his lady up towards the sky and the declaration reads that there’s nothing greater than love. Batman seems to think otherwise.

Cut to a gloomy night, with the stark Bat-Signal illuminating the Dark Knight as he crouches vigilant against the villains of Gotham City, always reminding him of his purpose. Does Batman have time for sunny beach photos and maudlin emotions? That crap stopped the day his parents were killed in front of him. Batman has had a hard life, much of it spent feeling alone, either figuratively or because he’s spent a lifetime building emotional walls to keep people out. Sometimes you have to sacrifice love for the greater good.


Ah, the classic “your argument is invalid” meme, used when faced with ad hominem attacks in forums and chatrooms everywhere. Attack the person making an argument substantiated by evidence that has nothing to do with their initial argument. It originated with a photoshopped picture of an angry looking bird on Nic Cage’s head, and has since been made into more and more ridiculous memes.

Anytime Batman has ever shown up to a fight, and some goon blubbers out, “Who are you?” the completely serious response of “I’m Batman” always intimated that this was enough explanation for the beatdown to follow. Because of course it is. While Batman riding a shark and wielding a lightsaber is completely ridiculous (how can a lightsaber stay on underwater?), it’s not for the reasons you think; being the goddamn Batman would be quite enough to invalidate any argument.


It’s no secret that Batman has had a rocky history with the Justice League. Yes, he was a founding member, but because of his lone wolf personality, a running joke in most interpretations of JLA interactions is the gang making fun of something that the Batman does. In the animated series Justice League Action, Wonder Woman likes to make snarky commentary that Batman can’t date because it might interfere with his brooding.

It’s almost as though Batman sensed the whole time that the JLA were a bunch of turncoat jerks ready to jump him at any minute, so here he is standing triumphant over their battered bodies (and the bodies of a few other familiar superheroes) like the goddamn Batman he is.


The rivalry between Supes and The Bat has been going strong for some time. Superman represents altruism, integrity and the belief that all people are inherently good. Batman on the other hand, represents vigilante justice, that revenge is a dish best served cold, and the belief that all people pretty much suck. In the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman doesn’t trust a superhuman like Superman to regulate his powers, and treats him like the threat that he is. In the Batman and Superman Adventures, though they often teamed up, the rivalry remained.

Here we have Batman making a list of reasons why he’s better than Superman, and all it says is “I’m Batman”. Batman doesn’t think that Superman’s powers are all that great because he’ll whip up some new weapon in his lab to take him out. Superpowers don’t impress Batman, beating up bad guys does.


Admittedly Batman can be a little salty around the topic of his parent’s death. Their gruesome massacre has been shown in almost every Batman movie ever made, and referenced in many flashbacks. It was detailed best in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, depicting the first year of the Bat’s war on crime.

Batman grew up too fast. He never got a chance to have a normal childhood, orphaned at such a young age and raised by the family butler. It only makes sense that he’d be cynical about other children enjoying the simple joys of being a kid, since that was robbed of him at such a young age. Of course, if his parents hadn’t been killed, he would have grown up well-adjusted, and would never have become Batman.


What do billionaires do with all the money they have? Buy fancy cars? Ginormous houses? The latest tech? Sounds like Bruce Wayne. According to the most recent Forbes report, Wayne Enterprises has an annual revenue of 31.3 billion dollars, and Bruce Wayne is worth 9.2 billion dollars. If these billionaires are pulling in the bread like Bruce Wayne, logic follows they can be Batman. The only components missing are the years of dedicated training, the amazing intellect, and the burning desire for revenge.

In order to accomplish what Batman does, you’d have to be a billionaire, though there have been instances of normal people dressing up like him to fight crime. Most of the time, billionaires buying luxury items aren’t actually giving back to society in any significant way; they’re just showing off. If one of them would commit to being Batman, they’d actually be doing something useful.


As classic as chocolate ice cream, this Batman meme has been around ever since the panel was originally featured in the Batman: Jekyll and Hyde miniseries. It featured Batman running up to Two-Face from a pretty far off distance (who is just about to enjoy a nice chocolate ice cream cone) and then suddenly kicking him in the head. His ice cream goes flying and pretty much thinks Batman’s the meanest one ever.

Batman eschews conventional methods and solutions to fighting crime. He’s a vigilante, on the brink of being the very villains he puts away (as The Joker so famously said in The Killing Joke, “it only takes one bad day”). He wouldn’t be in favor of some bland ice cream flavor of chocolate. He’s complex. Mysterious. More of a mocha almond fudge kind of guy.


Even if they’ve never seen it, everyone is familiar with the theme to the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman series from the ’60s. The entire opening sequence is animated, and involves Batman and Robin smiling cheerfully while they punch and kick their way through a series of hapless goons (pow!). Like the Spider-Man theme song of the same time period (also animated), it’s been parodied many times.

This picture of Christian Bale’s Batman singing into a microphone is from The Dark Knight Rises set. Apparently he was having fun, which is good considering he has been known to lose it and yell at members of the crew. Batman, being the jerk he is, would naturally make a crowd of people listen to a song all about himself.

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