Wolverine Just Drastically Changed the Life of a Fellow Avenger, Literally

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Savage Avengers #2 from Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., Frank Martin and VC's Travis Lanham, on sale now. 

Marvel's Savage Avengers has lived up to its name, proving to be quite a brutal, gory take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes. While this team isn't a sanctioned squad, or an actual collective working together per se, the likes of the time-displaced Conan the Barbarian, Wolverine, Brother Voodoo and now the Punisher have all been brought to the mysterious jungle, the Savage Land, to be sacrificed by a cult.

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Issue #2 continues to detail this evil society's main goal, which is to use the blood of the world's greatest killer to summon a malevolent entity called the Marrow God. However, as one Avenger falls, Logan decides to give him a blood transfusion, changing this hero's life drastically in ways we're yet to really comprehend.

While Conan fights off his old nemesis, the wizard Kulan Gath, for the Third Eye of Agamotto, we see the Venom symbiote also being held prisoner for sacrifice. Meanwhile, the Sickle Priest, Kulan's right-hand man, has his battalion, which also consists of the Hand's ninjas, attacking Wolverine to ensure that, once Frank Castle teleports in to find the stolen bodies of his family, they'll have one less vigilante to deal with. However, as the melee starts, the priest uses his clawed hand to slit the throat of Voodoo (Jericho Drumm), who was incapacitated by the Hand earlier.

Seeing his friend dying, Wolverine staves off the ninjas and decides to pull a Hail Mary by cutting his own hand and pushing it into Jericho's body. He pulls up the sorcerer's heart and lets the blood flow into it to maximize his donation. It takes Jericho a while, but he eventually returns to life to aid Logan against the other warriors, and it seems he's as right as rain.

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Now, this is intriguing for a couple of reasons. Since Wolverine returned, Marvel has given him his new #HotClaws power, so we don't know what else changed with his blood. Wolverine is a mutant with an aggressive healing factor, thus it's possible Jericho might have gained his very own healing factor with this transfusion. Then again, it could be a temporary boost that'll wear off. Skeptics do think, though, that the blood might change Jericho's outward appearance at some point, even making him feral.

Ultimately, these are all wild guesses, but it's still a very dangerous thing to have Wolverine's blood running through your veins. We can see Weapon X or Sinister coming after Jericho down the line, given that we don't know exactly how Logan's blood will affect the hero. This could even make Jericho a prime candidate to be cloned, and can possibly result in some supernatural Weapon X hybrids of Jericho and Logan being engineered. In short, while this saves Jericho's life right now, it'll most likely paint a target on his back in the future.

It's also interesting to note that maybe Logan should be donating to blood banks if he's got the cure to diseases, and now death, in his bloodstream. We're sure his fellow heroes would love to study the immortality and resurrection powers in his DNA, which geniuses like Black Panther, Reed Richards or Tony Stark might be able to harness for the betterment of the world.

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As for Jericho himself, he was recently resurrected by Dr. Doom during the AXIS event to help possess Scarlet Witch and have her reverse the inversion on the world, so we don't know how Logan's blood will affect his system, especially as he's been the Sorcerer Supreme, and even had his wicked brother, Daniel, possessing his body. What we do know, though, is Brother Voodoo's life has been changed in a big way, and it might take someone other than Wolverine to fully predict what transformations may be forthcoming, if any.

Savage Avengers #3 goes on sale July 3.

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