EXCLUSIVE: The Punisher Recruits Another Savage Avenger to His Cause

If there’s one piece of advice every villain in the Marvel Universe should follow, it’s don’t mess with the Punisher. However, despite years of bloody precedent having been set, villains, much to their detriment, keep messing with the Punisher. In Savage Avengers, the bodies of Frank Castle’s family were exhumed and stolen by a crazed cult.

This counts as messing with the Punisher, of course, and in a preview for the upcoming Savage Avengers #3, we see just how committed Frank is to getting his family’s bodies back. Thankfully, he now has a new ally in the form of Elektra, the deadly Marvel assassin who also has it out for the cult, which is obsessed with all things “blood” and “great warriors.”

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The series is notable for bringing Conan the Barbarian back to Marvel Comics continuity in a big way, but Conan doesn’t appear in the preview. Instead, it’s just Frank and Elektra doing what they do best -- dismembering supervillain lackeys.

Savage Avengers #3 goes on sale July 3. The series is written by Gerry Duggan. Mike Deodato Jr. is the issue’s main artist. David Finch provides the cover art.


  • Cover by DAVID FINCH
  • Variant Cover by SIMONE BIANCHI
  • Kulan Gath’s return is no good for anyone who digs being alive. His trap for the deadliest warriors in the Marvel Universe is sprung, and if humanity is to survive, the Savage Avengers must slay a god.
  • Elektra tries to corral Conan, Voodoo and Logan into an effective fighting force, and the Punisher desperately searches for his disinterred family.
  • Plus: Conan hefts a deadly new Savage Sword!
  • 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
Spider-Verse #3

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