'Saucer Country' could return as soon as February

Less than three weeks after Vertigo released the final issue of Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly's Saucer Country, the writer now teases the sci-fi thriller could be back on shelves as early as February.

"We haven’t signed contracts yet but I have every reason to believe we will be starting season two in comic form next year," Cornell tells Alex Dueben at Suicide Girls. "In February, even. We’ve been talking to some lovely people about this and I think Saucer Country readers have a huge reason to be hopeful. I’m very much thankful to them for that."

Axed in January in a round of DC Comics cancellations that included DC Universe Presents, I, Vampire and Superman Family Adventures, the creator-owned series follows New Mexico Gov. Arcadia Alvarado who, on the eve of announcing her candidacy for president, is abducted by aliens. It debuted in March 2012 to nearly 16,000 copies, but by November’s issue that number had been more than cut in half. Saucer Country was nominated in March for a Hugo Award.

Although Cornell immediately followed the announcement with a pledge that "one day, finish Saucer Country, in one way or another, in a dramatically satisfying way," fans may be surprised with how quickly he's moving to fulfill that promise (although he did say the rights would revert to him "reasonably soon").

"The sudden cancellation meant that I had to wrap things up really quickly, far too quickly to actually wrap the whole comic up," he told Suicide Girls. "[...] "Having to suddenly finish off a season meant that we were always going to get where we were going with Arcadia’s Presidential journey at the end of those three issues. I thought, well, we can actually reveal, in a way that feels nicely paced and real, a major mystery. To pull something right into the light to indicate that we know where everything is in the shadows and we can pull it out when we want to. So at the end of the last issue we discovered exactly who the Pioneer Couple who have been haunting Professor Kidd are. We’ll hear their story next issue. It was quite a pleasure to be able to wrap things up in an end of season way. I think more comics should have seasons, actually. You know how certain comics kind of fade away at the end of their runs and we really don’t. This is one of our most cracking arcs and Ryan is hitting it out of the park. We all focus right to the end and we’re all looking forward to being back next year."

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