Saturday's Trivia Contest - Wanton Savagery Edition!

It's been a while since I did one of these, and it seems like everyone always enjoys them. Certainly, I do... and so it's time for another Hardcore, Take-No-Prisoners Trivia Contest!

Past contests are here for those that are interested. Last week I asked for suggestions and only Edo Bosnar came through, so that's what I am going with. This time, it's all about Savages-- past, present, and future!

You know, brawny guys in loincloths. Jungle lords and barbarian hordes. Hot babes in skimpy armor. Lost cities, hidden lands, magic and mystery in an Age Undreamed Of. All of that stuff. Though there will be some questions pulled from superhero comics as well.

Most of these are from old excuse me, CLASSIC comics. Because, well, I'm old, and these are the comics I have on hand. Although I tried to make sure most of the stuff (but not all of it, sadly) that's referenced here is currently available in some kind of a reprint edition.

Let's review the rules.

* DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. If you do I will delete them as soon as possible, and probably I will also gently mock your intelligence and reading comprehension skills. No, you must EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS to ghatcher79 (at) gmail.com. Putting "Trivia quiz" in the subject line would be helpful, as well.

* USING GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA IS FROWNED UPON. I've tried very hard to make this as internet-proof as I can, but we all know that really can't be done. So I implore you to cowboy up and try to do this without cheating. Come on, any idiot can type names into a search engine. If you need to look things up, that's totally fine, there's certainly no rule against it; I'm not a cruel man. But meet me halfway on this -- for God's sake, pull out the real comics and look at them. Remember, to win you need only have the highest number of correct answers, not all the correct answers.

* CONTEST ENDS AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 28. Because the answers will go up in Friday's column on the 29th.

* THE FINAL RULING ON WHAT CONSTITUTES CORRECT ANSWERS WILL BE MINE. I learned on the first couple of these that many of you are more thorough than me, often offering multiple possible correct answers or bringing up an angle I might not have considered. So if arbitration should become necessary, I will certainly try to be fair and award points to answers that deserve them, but I reserve the right to say, "Hey, it's my contest, and I'm doing it this way." In case of a tie score, the prize goes to the email with the earliest timestamp.

* AND DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! I know, I already said that, but it bears repeating. Seriously, it ruins the fun for everyone.And what are they playing for, Greg?

A very classy reprint from Fantagraphics of Gil Kane's Blackmark.

If you know anything about comics history you probably know this project. This is a sword-and-sorcery romp from the mighty Gil Kane, meant to be sold as a paperback book series but canceled after the first book came out. Fantagraphics reprinted the whole thing a few years ago in this really nice trade paperback, the first time all the Blackmark stories saw print the way Gil Kane meant them to, along with an informative essay about the history of the thing.

Okay? Time to break out your A-game, because this one is not for dilettantes.


1. What barbarian hero was teased in an early issue of SAVAGE TALES as "coming soon" but never actually showed up in a story at all?

2. Who was the first Ka-Zar, before Kevin Plunder, and where did he first appear in comics?

3. And speaking of Kevin Plunder, how did he meet Shanna the She-Devil, and who showed up to screw up their wedding?

4. According to Roy Thomas, where is Belit, queen of the Black Corsairs, originally from, and why is she commanding a shipload of pirates?

5. And according to Brian Wood?

6. Stalker was "the man with the stolen soul." Who actually stole it and why?

7. Who was the Black Queen and why was Tarzan of the Apes upset with her?

8. Tarzan has Jane Porter... Ka-Zar has Shanna the She-Devil. But who's the main squeeze of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle...

...in the original comics?

...in the Tanya Roberts movie?

...on television, in the fifties and in the nineties?

9. Who fought a Silver Beast one night in a lonely English inn?

10. Korak, Son of Tarzan, spent most of his time at DC Comics looking for his girl Meriem. Who actually took her?

11. What unfortunate transformation befell Spider-Man in the Savage Land, who caused it, and who helped Ka-Zar reverse it?

12. Who was behind King Kull losing the throne of Valusia in the pages of Kull the Destroyer?

13. What was the name of Ironwolf's ship?

14. Name the French murderer Solomon Kane pursued to darkest Africa, and the hulking native killer he enlists against Kane. Bonus point if you can also tell us who actually killed this Gallic murderer's giant henchman before Kane could get to him.

15. And finally, leaving out Tarzan of the Apes itself, what Edgar Rice Burroughs original Tarzan book has been adapted for comics more than any other?

So there you go. Have fun, everyone, and we'll be back with answers and winners-- next week. See you then.


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