Saturday with the Fourth Estate. Also? A Hot Blue Babe.

The Cartooning class and myself have just wrapped up day two of Emerald City ComicCon...

...and as we head in to the home stretch I can tell already that I am going to be far too wiped out to do any kind of a real column tonight or tomorrow. (It's twenty to midnight as I write this and we only just got home a few minutes ago.)

So instead, please to enjoy this press coverage from our local paper, the West Seattle Herald.

Also? Here's a commission piece Brianna did today, she drew a lot of folks to our table who just wanted to watch her work on it and see it take shape.

Apparently it's some sort of World of Warcraft thing, but an old codger like me couldn't tell you any more about it, except that it knocks me out with awed delight every time I look at it. Bri has gotten so good. The photo doesn't do it justice -- it's huge, 18 x 24 or so, and really quite stunning. When it was finally done, just a couple of minutes before we knocked off for the day, she got up and did a little victory dance. "It's done, it's DONE!" On deck for tomorrow? Some sort of cowboy ninja.

A lot of good stories this year. We're having a great show.... but I'm frankly too exhausted from living it to write about it. Full report next week, I promise. See you then.

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