Sandra Bullock Breaks Bad As 'Minions' Villain Scarlet Overkill

USA Today has a sneak peek at Scarlet Overkill, the supervillain voiced by Sandra Bullock that will take control in the upcoming Minions. The character will make her big debut on Tuesday when the Despicable Me spinoff unleashes its first trailer.

"Scarlet Overkill has fantastic hair, wears great clothes and has a lethal uppercut," producer Chris Meledandri told USA Today. "When we turn her loose on the world, she is going to come out standing on top." The Minions previously appeared in the Despicable Me films where they backed up Steve Carell's Gru. In this prequel, the popular yellow henchman will work for Bullock's Scarlet Overkill.

"Scarlet is an unusual supervillain," said Pierre Coffin, who co-directed the movie with Kyle Balda. "She is a dangerously charming woman, which could not have been easy in the late 1960s."

While Minions is set in the late '60s, the film will stretch even further back to show how the little guys inadvertently foiled the plans of historical bad guys like Genghis Khan. A mishap with Napoleon forced the Minions underground for almost 150 years until a trio went above ground in search of a new villain to follow. They end up working for Overkill.

It may be hard to imagine "America's sweetheart" voicing a villain as dangerous as Overkill, but Minions producer Chris Meledandri says Bullock welcomed the chance to cut loose. "This is a side to Sandra Bullock we haven't seen before," said Meledandri. "She is really enjoying playing with this villainy. But underneath there's a character you cannot help but fall in love with."

Minions arrives in theaters on July 10.

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