"Sandman" TV Series In The Works

For all the comic book and graphic novel properties getting tapped for Hollywood adaptation, one of the most beloved entries in the medium's modern history has also been one of the quietest comics in terms of adaptation buzz...until now.

The Hollywood Reporter has word that Warner Bros. Television is planning on acquiring the rights to adapt Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and a wealth of artist's epic DC Vertigo series "The Sandman" in order to bring the story to the small screen. The award-winning, 75-issue series turned perennial best-selling graphic novel collection has flirted with adaptation as a movie for years including a stint where it was to be a vehicle for Gaimain's "Beowulf" co-writer Roger Avary. However, in recent year talk of any kind of adaptation of the lives of the Endless characters has centered around Gaimain's "Death" spinoff series rather than "The Sandman" proper.

As this new report explains, apparently DC Comics had been in talks with HBO to adapt the series until recently, but with parent company Warner Bros. stepping in to take the lead, a name that's come up to adapt has been Eric Kripke - creator of The CW's hit "Supernatural." Though that show will return for its sixth season this year, Kripke stepped down as "Supernatural" show runner stating that his original five-year plot for the series had wrapped.

For more on this story, check The Hollywood Reporter, and keep your eyes peeled to CBR and Spinoff Online.

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