New Sandman, Invisibles Teased at SDCC Vertigo Panel

A short promotional video presented at DC Comics' Vertigo Comics panel Friday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego hinted at the possible return of some of the publishing line's best-known properties.

Returning Vertigo (now Executive) Editor Mark Doyle presented the 45-second sizzle reel at the end of the panel, revealing images that appeared to be a Jae Lee-rendered Sandman, as well as a new illustration of Morpheus' sister Death, by Jim Lee. The clip also included apparent new Invisibles artwork by Jeff Lemire.

The video is essentially a punchy retrospective on many of the imprint's most notable titles throughout its publishing history, including Swamp Thing, Transmetropolitan, and American Vampire. The latter series' co-creator Scott Snyder, who made an appearance late in the panel, acknowledged the eventual continuation of that title with artist Rafael Albuquerque, which first launched under the imprint in 2010.

The clip concludes with a "Vertigo 25" logo, a presumed allusion to the line's 25th publishing anniversary next year, as well as the date 08-08-18, the meaning of which is less clear. Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth's Sandman #1 launched the Vertigo imprint with a cover date of January 1989, but the actual publication date was a few months earlier -- the date could be intended to roughly coincide with that initial release.

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The majority of the panel consisted of a discussion between American Way writer John Ridley and Vertigo Senior Editor Jamie Rich about the 10th anniversary of that series, as well its newly launched sequel, American Way: Those Above and Those Below. Dark Night: A True Batman Story writer Paul Dini was also in attendance, and likewise discussed with Rich the impact of the best-selling graphic novel drawn by Eduardo Risso.

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