'Sandman' gets a face lift courtesy Dave McKean

One of the most succesful trade paperback lines in comics today is going to be getting something of a face lift. DC Comics today announced that award-winning artist Dave McKean will be providing all new cover designs for the new editions of the Sandman Library beginning later this month with the first, "The Sandman: The Doll's House."

"The first covers Dave McKean did were wonderful, but they lacked information on what should be read in what order," Neil Gaiman said in a press release. "The uniform covers that followed them gave all that information, but weren't as pretty. Dave's new covers are gorgeous and you can tell what order to read them in. And they look like the bestsellers that they consistently are."

"We were thrilled to work with Dave on these gorgeous new designs," Karen Berger, VP - Executive Editor, VERTIGO said in a press release. "They really make the books look more accessible to new readers, and still have all the style and imagination that Dave has brought to 'The Sandman' all these years."

"To be able to take a complete library of books and repackage them in a fresh, new way was a great opportunity and a design challenge," says Georg Brewer, DC's VP - Design & Retail Product Development. "Dave McKean has been associated with 'The Sandman' since the beginning, and working with him and Neil led to some truly exciting results."

This news comes to us as the Sandman sees new stories for the first time in a few years in "The Sandman: Endless Nights" available this week.

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