San Diego Mayor Reportedly Left SDCC Exhibit Due to Immigrant Storyline

Carnival Row star Orlando Bloom claims San Diego, California, mayor Kevin Faulconer ran from an exhibit for the show at Comic-Con International in San Diego 2019 because of an immigration storyline.

As reported by Variety, during a panel for Carnival Row, Bloom recalled the mayor as having been at an installation that asked attendees to choose one of two options: human or creature. Faulconer chose a creature, not realizing they're all immigrants on the show. He was issued an "identity card" explaining "[he was] a mythological scrappy immigrant trying to make it in an oppressive new land.”

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Bloom claims Faulconer's reaction was to say, “Oh no – I can’t have anything to do with immigration.” According to Variety summarizing Bloom, the mayor then "ran out of the activation."

However, Faulconer's press secretary, Ashley Bailey, denies that's what happened. “The Mayor enjoyed visiting several studio installations set up throughout San Diego this week, and unfortunately there was a slight wait there and he had to move along,” they said. “We’re excited Amazon is showcasing its new shows in San Diego this week. Mayor Faulconer and his administration actively work with nonprofits and local agencies to provide shelter to migrant families, and has a long record of advocating for comprehensive immigration reform.”

Elected in 2014, Faulconer is the 36th mayor of San Diego and a Republican.

Carnival Row, starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, David Gyasi, Tamzin Merchant, Andrew Gower, Karla Crome, Artemas Froushan, Carolien Ford, Indira Varma, Jared Harris and Simon McBurney, premieres on Amazon Prime on Aug. 30.

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