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Comics2Film heard an interesting bit of Spider-Man news at the Comic-Con International this weekend. According to animation pros speaking at one of the convention panels, Mark Andrews will be handling storyboarding chores on the movie. Andrews provided much of the storyboards for the fan-fave animated feature The Iron Giant.

At the same time, Marvel was displaying a video promoting the movie. The video featured the web-spinning title sequence that was shown last year at film industry trade shows. Following that was a segment where director Sam Raimi talks about his vision for the film.

Raimi confirmed that Spidey would be doing his web-slinging from organic wrist shooters, instead of the home-made ones he's used in the comics for years. "Now Spider-Man's webs come right out of his wrists. I think it's more interesting because it is one more thing he's got to be embarrassed of."

Villains are confirmed to be Doctor Octopus, whose on-screen arms will be computer-generated, and the Green Goblin, who will have his glider along with an array of weapons.

Various design illustrations accompanied the presentation, but no word was given as to whether these represented current or rejected designs.

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