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Bryan Singer addressed a packed audience of enthusiastic X-Men fans Friday at Comic-Con. Of course, the question on most fans mind was, "how about a sequel?" Singer told fans that, due to the tight scheduling of the movie he had only just finished work on it three weeks ago and wasn't ready to think about a sequel yet. While all the actors had signed on to multiple picture deals, Singer left his options open. However the director said he's definitely interested in doing another one at some point.

Singer told fans there are virtually no story details in place for a sequel at this time. He denied rumors that villains for the next one would be the Hellfire Club and Apocalypse. He did speculate on additional characters, saying that he missed the presence of the Beast in this one and also favored Gambit as a possible character for the next installment. In fact, Gambit was considered for one of the youth cameos in X-Men. "We thought about Gambit as the young boy on the basketball field, but the feeling was that if he has the basketball and then releases it and it exploded, which was the idea, that people would be like 'What's wrong with those basketballs?'"

Fans have been speculating over the identities of the various youngsters seen at Xavier's school in the movies. While the official credits identify the Iceman, Shadowcat and Jubilee characters there are several others that display familiar powers. Singer confirmed that a young Colossus appears sketching a picture in one scene, but denied that the kid teleporting on the basketball court was intended to be Nightcrawler. "Nightcrawler would be blue and have a tail."

Fans were treated to a blooper reel from the movie. Outtakes included Professor X having difficulty navigating his chair and an unexpected walk-on by Spider-Man. Singer was unsure if these clips would be included on a DVD of the movie and seemed to be inclined to just keep them for the fans.


A rumored release date of September 1 for The Crow: Salvation has been making the rounds on the internet. However Jeff Most, producer of the movie, told fans at the Comic-Con International today that the movie does not have a release date. "We're hoping some time this fall, it'll be in theaters. Hopefully we'll know pretty soon," Most told attendees of the Crow panel.

Most also said that Salvation will definitely enjoy a release on DVD in the first quarter of 2001. It'll be part of a boxed set which also includes the original movie starring Brandon Lee and the sequel The Crow: City of Angels. The collection will be packed with extras including original scripts, concept designs, storyboards and artwork. "It'll be a very complete and exciting package," Most said.

Eric Mabius, who stars as the latest incarnation of The Crow was also on hand to answer questions. Many of the fans attending the panel had seen a screening of the movie the night before. Mabius commented on his characters who, at times, is more light-hearted than his predecessors. "When I read the script I thought about if any one of us were in similar circumstances, what we would do with those powers. I really wanted to explore the glee and the childish aspects of those things as opposed to dying and expecting those powers to come into one's capabilities.

Mabius trained for six weeks with trainer Dave Lea who's worked on movies such as Batman, Judge Dredd and Kiss The Girls. "I worked about as much as I could for those six weeks. It was a humbling experience," Mabius told fans. Lea has a small part as a doorman in the movie.

Mabius also talked about drawing motivation from James O'Barr's original comics. "I had read The Crow when I was a kid and was really moved by it. The thing that I didn't realize at the time but I did when I started looking into what was done in the other films, what James had really set into motion...I marvel at James taking his personal tragedy and turning it into what has been a catharsis for millions of people. What I always come back to is that this is James' tragedy and there's nothing false about that.

Most was asked about rumors that the next Crow movie would feature a hip hop take on the concept or even a female lead. The producer would only say that they are planning a Crow 4 and announcements would be forthcoming. "Anything we're doing with The Crow, we want it to be thought out. We wantit to be presented in the best fashion possible and we want it to be a unique, compelling story."

Most also told fans that the TV version of the character is set to return on the Sci Fi Channel on July 23rd at 8pm. The entire first season of The Crow: Stairway To Heaven is slated to be aired. Most told fans that if the numbers are good, there is interest in going back into production on new episodes. If new installments were produced Mark Decascos would return as the star of that show.

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