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Warner Bros. Animation previewed a number of upcoming projects today at Comic-Con international including the Batman Beyond spin-off The Zeta Project, a seriously bizzare prime-time show called the The Oblongs, a live-action/2-D-animated/3-D CGI-animated feature called Osmosis Jones and the Kids' WB! series Static Shock!

Denys Cowan, who co-created the Milestone comic Static and serves as director for the new show, was on had to answer questions about the show. Cowan was joined by producer Scott Jeralds, actor Phil LaMarr (who provides the voice of Static) and actor Jason Marsden (who voices Static's pal Richie Foley). The show was pitched to WB execs as "Chris rock at 14 with super powers."

Fans were shown character designs, which include a revamped look for Static. According to the panelists, the look was changed to be more like something Static could throw together with things from his closet.

The characters origin has been retooled only slightly. Our hero Virgil Hawkins is getting harassed by a gang-banger named F-Stop. A rival gang member convinces Virgil that he needs to come down to the docks with his gang for a rumble a with F-Stop's gang. Haz-mat canisters are also stocked near the dock, which explode during the gang war, causing the "Big Bang" which was central to the Milestone universe. The Big Bang transforms Virgil into Static, F-Stop into Hot Streak.

The show's creators also hope to include other Milestone characters in the show. If the response to the show is favorable, Hardware could show up as well as Rocket from the Icon comic. When fans asked about the Blood Syndicate, Cowan replied that he didn't thing that a super-powered gang with that name would fly on Saturday morning TV, at which point LaMarr chimed in that the name could be changed to "Bruise Syndicate."

A new Static comic is due out from Milestone/DC with co-creator Dwayne McDuffie writing and original Static artist John Paul Leon illustrating. Reprints of the original comic are also planned.


At an entertaining panel discussion held yesterday by J. Michael Straczynski, the TV and comic creator announced that he has sold the feature film option on his hit comic book Rising Stars. Few details were divulged other than the fact that Straczynski himself would write the screenplay.


An attendee at the Comic-Con alerted Comics2Film to a recent article in USA Today. The article talks about new Marvel movie projects that are being pursued in the wake of the success of X-Men. According to the article, Avi Arad has me with with several studios, including Sony, Paramount and MGM, about setting up Lunatik, the short-lived series created by Keith Giffen. The article mentions that Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City) is attached to write and direct.

Sub-Mariner is also mentioned as something Arad is trying to set up. Apparently, Arad is recruiting creative talent for this one before taking it to the studios.


Comics 2 Film caught up with Philip Cable, producer of the Knights of Justice video movie, and Charles Dichiera, executive producer of the show. Both men were on hand with some of the stars of the movie signing autographs and promoting the video, which is based on Big Bang Comics published by Image.

Cable told us that he's received much interest in the video at Comic-Con and future installments are very likely. Cable is considering centering the next video around either the Whiz Kids (the Big Bang team of super-sidekicks) or else an all woman Knights of Justice who would have to rescue the captured male members of the group. Cable also likes the characters Humming Bird and Beacon for future installments and even talked about adapting the Criss-Cross Crisis (which is reminiscent of the first JLA/JSA crossover).

However, the producer is really interested in hearing from fans of the Big Bang comics. Cable asked fans to write in their opinion about what characters or concepts should be featured in future Big Bang productions. Send suggestions to prcable@junoweb.com. The producers are confident that they'll be able to make 2-3 additional films in the next year.


Comics2Film caught up with Dave Elliot of Brigade Productions (formerly known as Takoma Entertainment) on the floor of the Comic-Con International today. Elliot told us that Brigade has picked up the film option on the European graphic album called Gypsy. The comic is published overseas by Darguard and is imported to the U.S. by Heavy Metal. Elliot described the the concept as "Mad Max meets Big Trouble in Little China."

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