SAN DIEGO, DAY ZERO: Oni and Judd Winick launch 'Barry Ween in Space' in 2004

The answer to one of Oni Press' most commonly asked questions can now finally be answered. Yes, Virginia (and the rest of the 50 states), there will be another Barry Ween series. Judd Winick is writing and drawing it right now, it will be out in 2004, and it's called BARRY WEEN IN SPACE!

"You think you've been wanting more Barry Ween?" asked Oni publisher Joe Nozemack. "Get in line! We've been wanting more Barry Ween. And every time one of you bugged us about the book, all three of us would bug Judd individually-making it three times the bugging! We are the naggiest publisher in comics."

"It's true," Winick confirmed. "It was like something off an early episode of THE SIMPSONS. 'Will you do more Barry Ween?' 'No.' 'Will you do more Barry Ween?' 'No!' 'Will you do more Bar-' 'Fine! Okay! Leave me alone!' I got so sick of seeing Jamie Rich outside my house dressed like a Dickensian orphan, I had no choice but to pick up my ink brush."

"It's true," Rich also confirmed. "I suffer for our fans."

"All kidding aside," Winick said, "returning to Barry is like returning home after a long time away. He's always been on my mind, and when I am sketching just for fun, it's usually Barry I end up drawing. This reunion of the gang has been a long time coming. Don't worry. Jeremy is going to get this whole mess rolling, and he and Roxie and Barry are going to tear the cosmos apart!"

"We don't want to release BARRY WEEN IN SPACE until the project is completely good to go," Nozemack concluded, "but rest assured that 2004 will be a lot funnier than 2003. And it's all because of a certain boy genius."

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