SAN DIEGO, DAY ZERO: IDW to publish comics based on 'The Shield'

Last year during Comic-Con International in San Diego IDW Publishing made a surprising announcement, revealing they had secured the rights to publish comics based on the hit television series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." This year, IDW decided to go one further, this time revealing at the show that they've secured the rights to publish comics based on cable channel FX's "The Shield."

"The Shield," starring Emmy Award Winning Actor Michael Chiklis, follows the day to day operations of a corrupt LAPD precinct, loosely based on the LAPD Rampart scandals. The show's premiere on March 12th of 2003 became the most-watched original series premiere in cable television history and the most-watched program in the fledgling network's history.

"We're all fans of 'The Shield' at IDW," Editor in Chief Jeff Mariotte said in a release. "Every time we talked about other potential TV licenses to follow up CSI, 'The Shield' was at the top of the list. Getting the chance to play in the sandbox created by Shawn Ryan and the show's amazing writers, directors and cast is a dream come true."

At press time no artists or writers had been mentioned attached to the series. Expect an announcement shortly.

"The Shield" comics will debut in late 2003.

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