SAN DIEGO: DAY TWO: The Johnick Universe: Geoff Johns & Judd Winick reveal all at Comic-Con

Creators Geoff Johns and Judd Winick discussed their plans and talked with fans at a spotlight panel during Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday. "We're building our own little corner of the universe" revealed the creators, who answered questions about "Teen Titans" and "Outsiders," both of which sold out quickly when released. But don't ask Winick about Blink, the lead heroine in "Exiles," the Marvel Comics series that he developed for two years- "Come on," he replied, as you banged his head on the microphone. "You think I'm going to tell you that?"

And also, asking about the fate of Donna Troy, who seemingly perished in "Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day," will draw silence from Geoff Johns or a vague response, similar to Winick's reply that, "she's dead. Or not."

The writers also hinted that they may develop more books of young DC heroes, as that defines their corner of the DCU and the "Teen Titans/Young Justice Secret Files & Origins" special in October is only the first of many issues you'll see them co plot.

In "Teen Titans," expect Johns to focus on character primarily and defining each member of the team for readers new and old in deadly situations. "I wouldn't join this team," laughed Johns. The team will face threats that Johns says will make the JLA sit up and notice, making them think the Titans are the superior fighting force. The second series arc will focus on Raven and Brother Blood, though it will feature a new take that people don't expect. The third arc will have the Titans face off against a villain the JLA can't beat.

Johns says he expects the series to do well and has plotted it for 36 issues thus far. When asked about Beast Boy's name and why he isn't Changeling, Johns noted that he felt it would be easier for new fans from the cartoon to get into the comic if characters had the same name. The cover to #6 will feature the JLA in a surprising pose.

In "Outsiders," Judd Winick says he'll tackle the DCU in a darker light, but not the Vertigo style. He even has a list of naughty words he can use, jokingly adding that the bar of comics has been raised now that he can make pee jokes. The series is essentially "Nightwing & The Outsiders" and said fans should expect to see shades of Batman in his former sidekick. Also, expect some tension surrounding the position of "leader" in this team, something you'll also see in "Titans."

Winick's planned the series for a year and a half. The second arc will start a month later, with Graced complaining about the cheap villains the team fights and Arsenal meeting a Deepthroat-esque type character who's been feeding him information. He pushes Roy in a direction that leads the team to Brother Blood and is the beginning of ties between Winick's and John's books. But the books will not crossover for a year.

Issue eight and nine feature Black Lightning and Huntress will show up later, with a funny exchange between her and Nightwing for fans to look forward to.

Fans applauded when it was announced that a new "Barry Ween" series was in the work from Winick, "Barry Ween in Space," though he only works on it on Fridays. He's also working on another "Blood & Water" mini series from Vertigo, though it'd be a prequel about the vampire Josh thirty years ago.

Johns and Winick were told to get on the Superman books, but they said that fans don't need to worry about Superman and should look forward to announcements at Wizard World in Chicago.

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