SAN DIEGO, DAY TWO: No Button Mashing: Udon talks at Comic-Con

Unless you've been ignoring comic books for the past few years, you've seen art from the comic company Udon. The group of friends that came together at the end of 2000 spoke at the Comic-Con International in San Diego today and revealed more about their "Street Fighter" series.

Udon has been selling "Street Fighter #0" at the convention, a nine page story that also has detailed bios of the principal players. Udon reiterated that this issue will not be reprinted or redistributed anywhere else.

On September 3rd, "Street Fighter #1" will be released and there will be a four page back up by Joe Madureira showing how Ryu gave Sagat his scar. Every issue after will have a backup by a different artist, for at least the first six issues, which will allow different artist to present their vision of the "Street Fighter" universe. Issue #2 will feature Adam Warren's "Cammy vs Chun Li" story and issue #3 will have a backup by Kia Asamiya featuring Ken vs Ryu.

Issue #1 will feature retailer incentive covers, that ship 1 in 10, but can also be ordered separately and feature shiny images of characters doing their special moves, called "Power Foil" covers. Issue #1 shows Chun-Li, #2 features Bison and American Ken is on the cover of #3. There's also a chance of possible alternate covers of the Japanese Street Fighter artists doing alternate covers.

The plan for the series is to focus the first year on character stories, the second year will be a long tournament and the third year will focus on the new generation of heroes. Writer Erik Siu-Chong said the series will be character oriented and while Ryu will be the focus, he wants to do things like look at the series from the perspective of Ken's wife Eliza. "She probably wonders why these guys fight all the time," he laughed. "'I want this to be a 'Street Fighter' comic, not a comic with Street Fighter in it."

The series will also be set between the Alpha and II games, with more Alpha moments being revealed in flashbacks. Continuity of the games will be followed, but since the games themselves are contradictory, liberties are taken. "There's more to tell than just one guys hooting everyone," said Chong of how in depth the series will be and why it won't be a "fighting" series.

Since next year is the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter in North America, expect big things from Udon and other companies. The food named company will be designing busts, posters and lithographs.

As far as crossovers, Udon said they've pitched Marvel about crossovers with their characters or just the X-Men. Unfortunately, they say Marvel hasn't shown interest in "Capcom vs Marvel" or "Street Fighter vs X-Men." A "Capcom vs SNK" comic possible after UDON builds up their fan base enough.

The Udon staff noted that their favorite members of the "Street Fighter" cast are Ken and Ryu, with "Power Foil" artist Jo Chen saying she liked Chun Li best because she was a great role model for Chinese females.

Of note is that is that the Japanese Street Fighter creator must approve all the comic pages and scripts. There's also a chance of another anthology series to focus on the many series that don't get focused on in the main series and possibly some one-shots or mini-series. The character of Dan will get a lot of attention.

Udon will also be doing the covers for Dark Horse Comic's repackaging of the "Ultraman" comics.

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