SAN DIEGO, DAY TWO: Mangalicious! TOKYOPOP Brings It To Comic-Con

The leader of the manga explosion in North America made some big announcements regarding their direction for the rest of 2003 at the Comic-Con International in San Diego.

First, CEO and Founder Stuart Levy was on hand to sign a contract with "priest" creator Min-Woo Hyung, creating a new partnership between the two to develop the aforementioned series into a feature film.

Next, it was announced that "Rave Master" would be appearing on Cartoon Network in 2004.

Courtney Love, famous rock star and widow of Kurt Kobain, will be promoting the "Princess Ai" manga in her own special way. It will be developed by Ai Yazawa of "Paradise Kiss" and features a princess from a mysterious land who uses the public stage to hide from assailants. Love will promote the series with here new album and her lyrics will work their way into the manga,

TOKYOPOP capped off the day by announcing a bunch of new manga titles, including:

  • "Macross 7 Trash"
  • "Sgt. Frog: Keroro Gunsou"
  • "Ai Yori Aoshi"
  • "Faeries' Landing"
  • "Snow Drop"
  • "Kill Me Kiss Me"
  • "Les Bijoux"
  • "Ghost!"

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